Company Overview

Tengizchevroil LLP was formed between the Republic of Kazakhstan and Chevron Corporation in 1993 to explore and develop super giant Tengiz oilfield. Today TCO is the largest and safest company in Kazakhstan which produces and markets crude oil, gas and sulfur. 

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1H2016 Facts and Figures

  • Estimated oil in place in the Tengiz field is 3.2 billion metric tonnes (25.5 billion barrels) with 200 million metric tonnes (1.6 billion barrels) in the Korolev field.
  • Total recoverable crude oil in the Tengiz and Korolev fields is estimated to be 800 million to 1.3 billion metric tonnes (6.4 to 10.7 billion barrels).
  • The areal extent of the Tengiz reservoir is large, measuring 20 kilometers (12 miles) by 21 kilometers (13 miles).
  • TCO completed its Sour Gas Injection and Second Generation Plant expansion project in 2008, which brought daily production capacity to approximately 75,000 metric tonnes (600,000 barrels) of crude oil and 22 million cubic meters (750 mscf) of natural gas.

  • Crude production for 1H 2016 was 14.4 million metric tonnes (114.8 million barrels).

  • In 1H 2016, TCO sold 673 thousand metric tonnes of LPG, 3.67 billion cubic meters of dry gas and 1.12 million tonnes of sulfur.

  • TCO has invested $3 billion since the year 2000 on projects to minimize environmental impact.
  • TCO’s current gas utilization rate is over 97 percent.
  • Investments in equipment reliability have reduced the number of technical malfunctions at the plants and the volume of unplanned sour and acid gas flaring during technical malfunctions by 98 percent from 2000 to 1H 2016
  • Total air emissions generated per tonne of oil produced have been reduced by 72 percent since 2000, even as annual crude oil production has grown by 2.5 times as a result of TCO’s investments in capital programs and equipment reliability.

  • From 1993 through 1H 2016, TCO made direct financial payments of $114 billion to Kazakhstani entities, including Kazakhstani employees’ salaries, purchases of Kazakhstani goods and services, tariffs and fees paid to state-owned companies, profit distributions to Kazakhstani shareholder and taxes and royalties paid to the government.
  • In 1H 2016, direct payments to the Republic of Kazakhstan totaled $2.6 billion. In 2015 direct payments to the Republic of Kazakhstan totaled $8.2 billion.
  • TCO has spent over $800 million on Kazakhstani goods and services in 1H 2016. TCO has invested more than $21 billion on Kazakhstani goods and services since 1993.

  • Kazakhstani citizens hold 86 percent of TCO positions, compared to 50 percent in 1993.
  • Kazakhstani managers and supervisors represent 74 percent of the TCO managerial workforce. Ongoing training and development programs exist to support the advancement of employees to positions of increasing responsibility.

  • Since 1993, TCO has invested over $1.2 billion to fund social projects and programs in the Atyrau Oblast for the community and employees.
  • In 2016, TCO has budgeted $25 million for Egilik social infrastructure program, the majority of which will be spent for construction of kindergartens, schools and other social facilities in Atyrau Oblast.
  • In 2016, TCO’s Community Investment Program has about $1 million in projects planned to help improve the quality of health, education and training in Atyrau Oblast.