Workforce Development

TCO’s strong training and development programs have a long tradition of helping advance our Kazakhstani employees to positions of increasing responsibility. Kazakhstani citizens now hold 86 percent of TCO positions and Kazakhstani managers and supervisors hold 75 percent of TCO supervisor and manager positions. Since 2007, eighty-seven Kazakhstani citizens have replaced expatriates in manager, supervisor and key technical positions.

Because attracting and retaining a world-class workforce to manage Tengizchevroil’s large and complex business is critical to the company’s ongoing success, we strive to be one of the best places to work in Kazakhstan. Some of the most popular aspects of TCO’s compensation package are a pay-for-performance system, international development assignments and world-class training programs.

TCO will continue to identify and prepare successors for TCO senior management positions. Expatriate assignments for our Kazakhstani employees are an important method by which to support employees in gaining international experience that will enable them to achieve their goals. Currently, TCO has over 70 Kazakhstani employees working outside of Kazakhstan.