Environmental Protection

TCO’s investments of more than $3 billion on projects to minimize environmental impact since 2000 have been essential to the continuous improvement in environmental protection that has been achieved at Tengiz. Such investments have enabled TCO to reduce total gas flaring volumes by 91 percent since 2000 and increase gas utilization rates at Tengiz to over 99 percent. Gas utilization and other programs have helped reduce total emissions generated per tonne of oil by 73 percent in the same timeframe. In 2014, TCO averaged just 2.25 kilograms per tonne of oil produced. Since 2000, TCO has increased annual crude oil production volume by 154 percent.

Investments in environmental protection and improvements in plant reliability have helped TCO reduce the number of technical malfunctions at the KTL plant by 52 percent, and the volume of sour and acid gas flaring during technical malfunctions by 89 percent between 2000 and 2014.

In 2014, TCO completed upgrading all 12 existing environment monitoring stations, by renewal of gas analyzers and installation of weather stations which has helped to significantly increase the reliability of monitoring system and to greatly improve understanding of the local environment.

TCO also successfully continued its Zhylyoi district greening activity by opening two parks in Kulsary and planting over 2,000 trees in Zhana Karaton and Koschagil villages.

In 2015, TCO is planning to commission new water recycling facilities in an effort to significantly reduce water consumption for operational and household needs from existing sources.