British Council

In 2012, the British Council, with financial support from TCO, implemented a pilot capacity building project with the goal of enhancing the English skills of school graduates by improving the standards of English language teaching in secondary schools in Kulsary. The pilot project demonstrated an urgent need for methodological support and for the professional training of teachers in the district.

The British Council has therefore undertaken a two-year program that aims to enhance the level and quality of English language teaching amongst English language teachers in Zhylyoi district in Atyrau oblast. This program includes providing professional training, setting up a resource center equipped with modern methodology reference books and materials as well as creating a pool of local professional English language trainers who will be able to cascade new training methodologies to their peers in the district. The participants of the program have been offered online courses and professional networking tools that will enable them to continue to develop their professional skills even after the completion of the British Council program. The British Council has been working closely with the regional and district departments of education to integrate the new training methodologies in the target secondary schools in order to maximise sustainability.

The key outcome of this program will be improved English language teaching and subsequently, improved level of English language proficiency amongst pupils in Zhylyoi district.