Fund named after Zeynolla Kabdolov

State Language Development Program

TCO is known for active participation in the state language development program. The company works closely with the Fund named after academician Zeynolla Kabdolov on the Kazaksha sayra’ (Speak fluently in Kazakh) program which included the following areas in 2014:

  • Production and distribution of 3 e-books bilingually:
    • Періштелер ұйықтамайды – Angels do not sleep
    • Махамбеттің жыр-жебесі Makhambet’s arrow poems
    • Асығыңыз алшыға түссін - Let you be into luck
  • Production of series of video game podcasts and their distribution in social networks;
  • Conducting mini competitions and promotional campaign of the project;  
  • Translation of Kazakh proverbs and sayings and their distribution in social networks;
  • Distribution of Kazakh folk tales and games in social networks in 3 languages.


Statistics of beneficiaries familiarized with the products of the project on sites (by the end of 2014): 10,857 visits. You can get acquainted with the products of the project at