Literary and historical cultural ‘ALSHY’ fund

Green Atyrau

TCO together with literary and historical cultural ALSHY fund implemented a project to promote the initiatives of landscaping and maintaining a constant purity of the city among the inhabitants of Atyrau. During the implementation of the project, about 50 volunteers were involved. Trainings were held in city nurseries and areas to care were secured.

During landscaping, 25 bedding zones (kindergartens, orphanages, schools, universities, hospitals) were covered and 2,410 seedlings (1,860 of which are spring beddings and 550 are autumn beddings) were planted. Planted trees were certified and stands with logos of the sponsor and investor of the project (Alshy and TCO) were installed in bedding areas. 

Mini contests as ‘Best Gardener’, ‘Best Volunteer’, ‘Best Team of Volunteers’, andThe best publication on the project’ were held among the volunteers and community folks. Three video clips were shot, produced and broadcasted on regional television. Works on the project were covered in the media and posted on the Internet.