Pyxera Global

Yntymak Community Development Program

Tengizchevroil’ LLP and NGO PYXERA GLOBAL became partners in the implementation of the community development program called ‘Yntymak’ in March 2012. This program is aimed at addressing the needs of the local community in Atyrau and Kulsary through volunteers by increasing the social capital of the local community for sustainable economic prosperity.

Thanks to the ‘Yntymak’ program TCO representatives established closer links with the local community as well as had the opportunity to expand their professional and leadership skills. There is a lack of communication between the public and private sectors in Atyrau oblast. Non-profit organizations, universities, business associations and public schools lack professional and organizational resources.

The implementation of the program takes place in three areas: support to NGOs, educational projects and volunteer marathons. Within the ‘Support to NGOs’ area, various trainings for representatives of non-governmental organizations of Atyrau and Kulsary such as ‘Project Development’ or ‘Bases of Accounting’ were held. Educational projects include discussion clubs in English for students and teachers as well as guest lectures and individual classes with pupils in orphanages.

Volunteer marathons consist of one-day and/or charity events. There are events such as saving fish, organizing charity concerts and flash mobs for supporting hearing-impaired children, charitable fundraising for low-income families and children, families with disabled children from Kulsary, meetings with pupils of Youth House, knitting warm socks for pre-term children and many other events. In 2014, the program volunteers raised a record amount of 3,287,700 tenge for charity purposes.

According to the assessments conducted by PYXERA GLOBAL on the results of the measures taken it was found that TCO employees who participated in the projects implemented by the ‘Yntymak’ program acquired extensive knowledge and experience of professional development. TCO volunteers reported about the successful development of the skills of organizing teamwork, establishing communications, addressing issues, public performances and respecting the culture and traditions of other nations.