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FGP-WPMP External Lender Relations

In July 2016, TCO Partners announced approval for the final investment decision of the Future Growth Project-Wellhead Pressure Management Project (FGP-WPMP), the next major expansion of the Tengiz oil field. 

As part of FGP-WPMP project plans it is important for us to keep transparent two-way communication with our lenders. TCO is implementing a lender relations process to ensure that stakeholders will have ongoing opportunities to ask questions, comment and provide feedback.

Our focus is to keep an open dialogue with our lender base and timely respond on questions. In addition to the information found under the Company tab, we are happy to assist you with quick and reliable responses.

Contact Information

Current bondholders, lenders and prospective investors can contact us to obtain access to the Company’s financial information. If you are:

Current Bondholder

According to the established process, you will need to contact the Indenture Trustee to fill out the confidentiality form. Please contact emea.at.debt@citi.com.


According to the established process, you will need to contact your Agent bank.

Potential Investor

Please contact TCO Lender Relations for further actions tcolr@tengizchevroil.com

The financial information is available at password-protected database

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lender Relations?

Lender Relations was established to enhance communication with our lenders.

As a lender, where can I access detailed company information?

For general statistics about our previous year, please refer to Company Overview. Current creditors can view information on the secured Merrill Datasite once access is granted. Please refer to the Contact Information section above for further guidance.

What is the Merrill Datasite?

The Merrill Datasite is a third-party secured online database, where we keep updated records on company performance for the convenience of our lenders.

How can I get an access to the Merrill Datasite?

If you are current lender, please contact us at tcolr@tengizchevroil.com

Whom can I contact with Lender related questions?

Please send us an email at tcolr@tengizchevroil.com 

How long until I hear back from Lender Relations?

We will respond in a timely manner. Some inquiries may require input from various part of the business which may delay our response.

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