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Tengizchevroil Headquarters

Republic of Kazakhstan
060011 Atyrau, 3 Satpayev Street


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Nur-Sultan Representative Office

Republic of Kazakhstan
010000 Nur-Sultan, 16 Dostyk Str.
Business Center "Talan Towers", 13th floor

+7 7172 620333
+7 7172 620336

Media Inquiries

+7 712 302 6819

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TCO Hotline

In support of our company’s strong commitment to compliance, TCO maintains a hotline so staff and stakeholders (including suppliers and subcontractors) can in risk-free way report activities that may violate the law or company policies, affect the vital interests of the company, or threaten the security of its employees and contractors.

TCO does not tolerate any form of retaliation for reports made in good faith. Retaliation is a violation of company policy, will not be tolerated, and must be reported immediately.

If you are aware, or suspect, that one of our employees, suppliers, contractors or agents is acting inappropriately, we ask that you use the TCO Hotline –, or by calling:

  • Kazakh Language: 7-7122-27-26-76 or 8-7122-27-26-76 
  • Russian Language: 8-7122-27-26-86
  • English Language: 8-7122-27-26-86

Examples of violation types to report:

Violations: Non-TCO Way Behavior, Theft & Fraud

  • Harassment/Discrimination
  • Drugs, Alcohol or Weapons on Company Property
  • Unauthorized sharing of Company Sensitive Information
  • Manipulation of Accounting Internal Controls resulting in Financial Misstatement
  • Theft


  • Antiboycott Laws
  • Anticorruption or Bribery Law
  • Competition Laws
  • Data Privacy Law
  • Environmental Laws
  • Health and Safety Laws
  • Import/Export/Trade Laws
  • Improper Lobbying Activities and Political Contributions Laws
  • Other suspected criminal acts


As defined in TCO Fraud Policy #53:

  • Fraud by Abuse of Position
  • Fraud by Failure to Disclose;
  • Fraud by Misrepresentation
  • Fraud can be in relation to but is not limited to:
    • Procurement & Contracting, Hiring, Travel & Hospitality and Sales Price Manipulation, Accounting Fraud
    • Undisclosed conflicts of interest, including outside business interests
    • The manipulation of TCO processes and controls

All other concerns, suggestions or observations may be delivered through Feedback Management Process.