Strategic Planning and Hiring

The basis of personnel management process in TCO is workforce strategic planning for the nearest and mid-term perspective. Huge attention is paid to Kazakh Content in workforce.

Kazakhstani employees ratio in 1993

Kazakhstani employees ratio as of today, excluding FGP-WPMP

Kazakhstani employees ratio as of today, including FGP-WPMP

Ratio of Kazakhstani employees on supervisory positions


TCO hiring process corresponds to best practices and conducted in an exposed manner and transparently. Information on vacancies is placed on company’s external website, which provides equal access for all potential candidates. TCO’s attention is focused both on talented university graduates and experienced specialists based on company demands. 

Candidates selection for TCO vacancies is implemented in several phases, which include tests and interviews with cross-functional team.     

Workforce Development

One of TCO’s strategies is investing into human resources to develop and empower a highly competent workforce that delivers results the right way.

In TCO various personnel training and development programs are implemented.


Newly hired employees have trainings on company processes and procedures aimed at the best adaption of the employees to corporate culture and company environment.


All TCO and contractor workforce must have safety training before to be allowed to work.

Leadership development

TCO actively implements structured program on leadership development, which provides for consistent leadership competence development of employees of all levels in the organization structure.

Technical disciplines

For operating personnel, the company has four specialized programs on technical and profile disciplines in compliance with safety and reliability norms, and requirements of working with state-of-art technologies in plants.


Accelerated development of technical universities graduates hired to TCO is done through Horizons Program developed by Chevron.

International assignments

TCO employees had an opportunity to work in various business units of Chevron on international assignments and assignments within Kazakhstan to get and apply new knowledge and advanced skills in TCO after returning.

Motivation of Personnel

TCO ensures competitive renumeration to its workforce, which allows attracting, retaining and motivating qualified personnel. Besides that TCO has an extensive social package for personnel.

Medical insurance and medical care

TCO provides medical insurance coverage to its' employees and their family members. Rotational employees at Tengiz are provided for at TCO’s on-site clinics

Fitness program

As part of TCO’s general strategy of promoting a healthy lifestyle, all TCO employees have an opportunity to use fitness center services, the cost of which is compensated by the company.

Kindergarten for TCO employees’ children

Children of TCO employees can attend Miras Kindergarten. The kindergarten curriculum is developed on the newest programs and methods of the Nursultan Nazarbayev Education Fund.

Zhas Urpak Scholarship

The Program is developed to provide financial aid to the children of employees and applicants from among talented school graduates and students. They must be Kazakhstani citizens planning on studying in Kazakhstani and international universities and colleges.

Housing Loan

TCO’s hallmark program has been the interest free mortgage loan program offered to employees for many years.

Long Service Award

Reaching a jubilee milestone in company service provides an opportunity for the company to recognize an employee’s long service and say thanks for their continuous contribution to the company’s success.

TCO Pensioners

The status “TCO Pensioner” is given to people who reached retirement age during a period of work in the company as a permanent employee.

Annual individual material aid to TCO pensioners is increased up to 300 Monthly Calculation Index.