TCO is developing another major expansion of Tengiz production that will produce significant numbers of jobs and large-scale use of Kazakhstani goods and services

Crude production increase by
12 000 000


Number of Kazakhstani citizens employed

45 000

Kazakhstani goods & services spent in 2018

2.3 billion

US Dollars

FGP-WPMP will be built of modules fabricated in Kazakhstan, South Korea and Italy and transported to the Tengiz oilfield for final assembly.

Fabricated modules will be then shipped from international fabrication sites to transshipment bases, then through the Russian Inland Waterway System (RIWS) into the Caspian Sea for final delivery to the Cargo Offloading Facility in Prorva peninsula near the Tengiz oilfield. The modules will then travel by road transport to the oilfield. 3 Module Carrying Vessels are being built to operate in the Caspian Sea by KazMorTransFlot. A fleet of purpose built tug boats will also be deployed in the Caspian Sea.

A new Cargo Transportation Route is being constructed from Prorva peninsula at the Northeast Caspian to the Tengiz oilfield. This includes a 71 km marine access channel, cargo offloading and storage facilities and a haul road.

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Feedback Management Process

The Feedback Management Process is a quick, easy and confidential process for the community to communicate with Tengizchevroil LLP (TCO) on company operations issues and receive a timely response.

TCO is committed to building productive, collaborative and beneficial relationships with government, businesses, and local communities. Fundamental to this commitment is open dialog between TCO and the communities. TCO’s Feedback Process provides a reliable way to present a concern, suggestion or grievance to the company and then receive a response.

Once you have submitted feedback, TCO will formally acknowledge the receipt within 5 working days. TCO’s objective is to respond to the feedback within 20 working days.

TCO does not share feedback outside of the company. Feedback lets us respond to concerns, grievances and consider suggestions that help TCO become more responsive to our local communities.

The Process is confidential. We urge the community to provide us with your feedback, together with contact information that will allow us to respond directly to you.

TCO provides as many options as possible to make it easy to provide feedback. Community members can fill out a TCO feedback form at drop box locations in Atyrau, Aktau, Kulsary and Tengiz at the following locations:

  • TCO Headquarters, Atyrau;
  • FGP-WPMP office at Worley Parsons, Atyrau;
  • PSN office, Atyrau;
  • Atyrau Oblast G. Slanov Universal Research Library, Atyrau;
  • Shanyrak Village, Dome 1, Tengiz;
  • Shanyrak Village crew change hall, Tengiz;
  • TCOV Canteen, Tengiz;
  • Building of Zhylyoi Region Akimat Administration, RV, Tengiz;
  • Izbaskan shop, RV, Tengiz;
  • QAZKOM bank office, RV, Tengiz;
  • Zhylyoi Region Employment Center, Kulsary;
  • Building of Department of Employment and Social Programs, Kulsary;
  • Shanyrak Hotel, Kulsary;
  • Interteach Сlinic, Kulsary;
  • FGP-WPMP office, Aktau;
  • Building of Bautino village Akimat, Tupkaragan Region, Mangystau Oblast.

Additionally feedback can be provided by email tcofp@tengizchevroil.com, toll-free telephone line at 8-800-080-84-88

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