TENGIZCHEVROIL actions to COVID-19 response

20 March 2020

Ensuring safety and security of our workforce is TCO’s top priority and the company is making every effort to do that.

As a part of Global Pandemical Response Plan TCO Management adopts certain measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus among the workforce. In particular, where feasible, personnel start working remotely or using flexible schedule. Where the constant personnel presence is required to ensure business continuity, for example, in Tengiz, they are advised to adopt common social distancing measures and good hygiene practices.

Recently all international business travel has been prohibited by TCO Management. Domestic business travel within Kazakhstan has been severely limited and is to be approved by Managers. The exceptions for this include travel required for rotational crew change.

In Tengiz and at other locations we have cancelled all public and business events. All recreational facilities are closed. Trips to Tengiz for non-essential personnel are limited as well as Company facility visits by third parties.

TCO increased its sanitation services across all high-traffic areas in all the facilities. This includes installing many new hand sanitizers. TCO Medical team have been equipped with all the required resources to provide primary medical assistance to patients with suspected cases of COVID-19. In Tengiz and Atyrau there are enough beds to ensure monitoring during quarantine. The Company communicates to the workforce on the need to practice good preventative measures and brings them up to date with the RoK government requirements as needed. Also TCO closely works with Business Partners and relevant State authorities to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection.

As of March 20, TCO Medical teams have had no confirmed cases COVID-19 in Tengiz.

TCO continues its normal business operations. The Company Management ensures optimal workforce distribution to implement current production plans and projects.