Update on TCO’s response to COVID-19 pandemic

13 June 2020

TCO continues to respond to the global COVID-19 situation both in Tengiz field and other non-Tengiz locations.

As of June 11, 2020, 62 confirmed cases have been recorded among TCO’s personnel, and 1086 confirmed cases among personnel from contractor companies. Overall, 728 have been discharged from the hospitals, with confirmed negative PCR results. We wish those who remain under medical care speedy recovery and safe return to work.

As the global pandemic reached the borders of Kazakhstan, TCO took timely, prudent and proactive measures to minimize the exposure of personnel to COVID-19 and reduce its impact on key business activities. Between March and May, TCO temporarily returned home to their families ~26000 people, which helped reduce the density of personnel at work and improve social distancing and isolation. In addition, TCO has implemented a compartmentalization strategy, which created separate teams for personnel in accommodation areas, on transportation, and at worksites. We have also maximized the use of PCR testing to identify positive cases and isolate those people and their close/potential contacts and ensure medical care is provided as soon as possible. To date over 18000 PCR tests have been conducted among Tengiz personnel.

TCO, in compliance with local authorities’ requirements and Republic of Kazakhstan (RoK) law, has introduced strict procedures on isolation, social distancing, masks and personal hygiene for everyone in Tengiz, and expects all contractor companies and workforce to fully adhere those procedures.

All of these measures are in place to protect health and safety of the remaining workforce that are essential to maintaining safe TCO production operations and critical projects.

As of now, TCO production operations continue uninterrupted. FGP-WPMP project is 77% complete and we are focused on taking actions to safely execute the projects key critical-path activities. Module fabrication and loading of shipments out of the fabrication yard remain on schedule, and re-stacking of the modules in Tengiz is progressing as planned.

Currently, TCO is developing a plan in close cooperation with the RoK authorities to safely execute a crew change to relieve personnel who have been at Tengiz for extended rotations. The crew change will take place in phased and controlled manner in compliance with all RoK requirements on isolation and PCR testing prior releasing or sending personnel to/from Tengiz.

TCO remains and will remain an integral part of local community. Since the beginning of pandemic, TCO has provided medical equipment and supplies to the local healthcare organizations to advance their fight against COVID-19 in the region. Total amount of donation exceeded 4.6 million US dollars.

The health and safety of the workforce and the communities where we operate remains the top priority for TCO.