Media briefing related to crew change (Kazakh and Russian)

19 June 2020

As it was earlier announced, TCO and its contractor organizations have resumed crew change operations starting June 15th.

We are targeting to crew change 13,700 people. We expect that crew change will be executed in a controlled and phased manner and will last until mid-July.

The duration of the shifts for the crews coming in Tengiz will be extended in full compliance with the RoK legislation and with a consent from employees. 

All personnel travelling to Tengiz field during crew change operations will have to be isolated, PCR-tested and certified as a “fit-for-duty” prior to proceeding to their job duties. These are mandatory requirements for everyone arriving to the Tengiz area.

Personnel categorized as a high-risk are still not permitted to the Tengiz field. High-risk category individuals are those who have underlying conditions and are under risk to develop complications once exposed to COVID-19.   

We want to highlight that negative PCR results and “fit-for-duty” status upon arrival to Tengiz are the only mandatory criteria for the workforce to proceed with their rotation.

Personnel travelling back from Tengiz will need to obtain negative PCR results prior boarding transportation.

To date there have been 73 confirmed COVID-19 cases among TCO employees and around 1194 cases among contractor personnel. 806 people have recovered. Over 22,000 PCR tests have been conducted among Tengiz personnel.

We remind you that quarantine restrictions in Tengiz field have been extended through June 26.  At the same time strict requirements on isolation, social distancing, PCR testing, masks and personal hygiene are and will be effective throughout Tengiz and failure to adhere to these requirements may lead up to respective measures in accordance with contract provisions including labour agreements and the RoK laws.

As of now, TCO production operations continue uninterrupted and we are focused on taking actions to safely execute the FGP-WPMP key critical path activities.

As always, health and safety of the personnel and the communities where we operate remain our top priority.