TCO is developing another major expansion of Tengiz production that will produce significant numbers of jobs and large-scale use of Kazakhstani goods and services


The Future Growth Project and Wellhead Pressure Management Project (FGP-WPMP) are being constructed simultaneously to realize significant efficiencies and cost savings. 

  • FGP, based on TCO’s highly-successful Sour Gas Injection-Second Generation Project (SGI-SGP) expansion project, will expand production by approximately 12 million tonnes per year (260,000 barrels per day). 
  • WPMP will keep the existing Tengiz plants full by lowering the flowing well head pressures and boosting the pressure to the six existing processing trains. 

The main FGP-WPMP equipment will be fabricated in Kazakhstan, South Korea and Italy and pre-assembled into modules for transportation to Tengiz and final assembly.

In 1H 2016, TCO spent over $200 million on Kazakhstani goods and services for FGP-WPMP

Quick Figures

20 000
jobs at peak construction
More than 1 600
Kazakhstani companies have been pre-screened
- the planned date for the first oil

FGP - WPMP will be designed, built and operated in an environmentally responsible manner

Since 2000, TCO has invested
$3 billion
on projects to minimize environmental impact
In 1H of 2016 FGP-WPMP worked over
9 million
man hours without a day lost to injury
better than TCO’s target rate, which is already world class.
* Total Recordable Injury Rate
As of March 2016 - 0.092