TCO Hosts Atyrau Students at its Headquarters

May 13, 2009

The auditorium at Tengizchevroil's headquarters was crowded with students on May 13, 2009. Tengizchevroil hosted a meeting for 200 Atyrau high school students from two schools - Number Five and Abai Twelve. The students had an opportunity to learn about the work of some of the leading specialists from one of the largest oil companies in Kazakstan.


Specialists from Reservoir Management, Drilling, Health Safety and Environment (HES) and Marketing and Transportation shared information about their specialties and how their groups contribute to TCO's success. Specialists explained the basics of the petroleum industry from discovering oil to drilling wells to processing and delivering products to customers. TCO's specialists also helped set straight some myths about sulfur an important raw material for the chemical industry that is used in some 30,000 products. HES specialists informed the students about numerous studies confirming that open air storage of sulfur is a global best practice that is safe for the environment and our employee's health. Government and Public Affairs ended the presentation by explaining TCO's role in social support for Atyrau Oblast and detailed some of the $450 million in support for the community and employees over the last 15 years of its history.


This presentation is part of a long tradition of TCO's "Open Door Day Program." TCO believes it is important to teach local students about its business and potential future career opportunities. The students were very active asking questions and were quite happy to learn new things. TCO conducts the Open Door Day Program for the students of the Oblast center and also for students in other Atyrau Oblast regions.