Remote Villages Enjoy Fresh Water Supply

Aug 15, 2009

Koschagyl village is a large community in the Zhylyoi region. A very important oil region today, it used to be the heart of a major cattle breeding business in the Atyrau Oblast known as Koschagyl millionaire state farm or sovkhoz. Nowadays, the town does not have a strong economy to brag about, yet it has plenty of problems aggravating the otherwise uneasy life of local residents. Above all miseries they face is the shortage of fresh water. Just imagine that, some ten years ago people from all across the Zhylyoi used to come to Koschagyl to buy apricot saplings. Both oilmen and stockbreeders loved those fruit trees and were eager to have them growing in their orchards. Apricots were grown by every local house. Today, you can hardly find one left in Koschagyl because of the fresh water shortage.


The residents of New Karaton are suffering from a similar problem. New Karaton is a newly built town where people moved from the Karaton and Sarykamys villages, evacuated because of the threat of the rising Caspian. Although this is not about apricot trees, the local folks need fresh water pretty badly to keep livestock.


The government of the Zhylyoi region approached Tengizchevroil with a request to help ease this problem. A survey done by TCO specialists suggested a solution to make tie-ins into the industrial water supply lines used by TCO. On order by TCO department of Government and Public Affairs local utilities company KulsaryGas executed the project of tie-ins for Koschagyl and New Karaton.


The commissioning and startup fell on the hottest season in Western Kazakhstan the middle of July. Gabit Bulekenov, Utilities Group of TCO Operations coordinator, in charge of the tie-in projects was visiting the construction sites on a daily basis, putting pressure on the contractor to complete the job as soon as possible to stop the sufferings of local folks.


"It didn't go smoothly all the way," admitted Gabit honestly. "At the very completion, a problem with pressure automatic controls emerged. Apparently, the customer had not properly checked the pumps, the valves and the water-metering units. We met the requests of local residents and agreed to a compromise solution   to measure water consumption on a daily basis. KulsaryGas made a commitment to fix all problems and meet the requirements by the end of the summer season. Meanwhile, the fresh water has been supplied to the villages.


No ribbon-cutting ceremonies were organized to celebrate the event, just regular start-up procedures executed by Kuanysg Sabirov, mechanic of Denholm-Zholdas contractor company and his colleague, operator Mizam Tlepbergenov. The specialists completed regulation of water pump pressure and opened the valves.


"For us this is a very important and long-awaited event," said Shashtybike Zhalgaspaeva, acting Akim of New Karaton. "Our village is a large community, with more than 1,200 homes. We all suffered from the water shortage badly. Now we have finally resolved the issue of industrial water and are hoping some day we will also have drinking water here."


"We are very aware of the great contribution TCO has been making in improving the standard of living in the Zhylyoi, upgrading the water supply system and water treatment," added her colleague acting Akim of Koschagyl Salyk Shaukimov. "Honestly, our people are pinning hopes on TCO, hoping the problem can be finally resolved."


The water supply issue is among top priorities of the Egilik Program of Tengizchevroil. The solutions will be professional, reliable and guarantee quality.