A New Momentum for Regional Cooperation

Sep 15, 2009

On September 10 and 11 Orenburg in the Russian Siberia hosted an exhibition of Innovative Technologies for the Energy Sector organized as part of the Fourth Forum of Cross-regional Cooperation between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan, attended by the heads of the two states.


More than 90 representatives of major Russian and Kazakhstani companies took part in the exhibition and presented their latest innovations in the areas of power engineering, energy efficiency, nuclear energy, oil and gas, machine building industry and information technology.


The total number of people in delegations from both countries exceeded 1000. Among them were government officials, politicians, business representatives, top managers of large enterprises and financial organizations and media.


Six of total 22 organizations representing Kazakhstan came from the Atyrau region. They were Tengizchevroil, the Caspian Pipeline Consortium, Agip KCO, Atyrau refinery and the Kazakhstan Institute of Oil & Gas.


In their opening remarks, Maxim Travnikov, Deputy Minister of Regional Development of Russia and Vice Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources of Kazakhstan Duisenbai Turganov specifically noted that such meetings are instrumental in strengthening mutually beneficial cooperation of the two countries in the areas of energy and mineral resources which are critical to the national economies. Energy companies account for the larger portion of international trade between the two states. Currently, a large number of joint projects are being implemented in the areas of upstream, and downstream, including petrochemical facilities and construction of new pipelines. Over the recent years quite a number of projects have been successfully completed through the combined efforts in oilfield exploration, production and downstream. New facilities have been built, such as the Ekibastuz Power Plant extension and a joint venture established in Orenburg for a gas processing plant.


A leader of the national petroleum industry, Tengizchevroil takes pride in its two most recent innovative projects - Sour Gas Injection and Sulfur Granulation. Both projects aroused interest of guests of TCO's booth. Russia currently produces granulated, liquid and block sulfur, and its specialists were particularly interested to know more about flaked sulfur produced at TCO. Interestingly enough, although Russia is a leader in sulfur production and sales, it still imports sulfur from Tengiz because of its high quality. Additionally, Russian oilmen were particularly interested to know more about the unique process of sour gas injection pioneered by Tengizchevroil as part of the latest world-class expansion. For better understanding of how it works, TCO made a video demonstrating in detail the process of reinjecting associated gas back into the formation.


The exhibition and the forum attended by major players in the energy sector of both countries, and by the presidents, has become a tradition and was the sixth such event in a row. It helps introduce to one another the representatives of regional governments, communities and businesses pursuing to establish a more effective cooperation. Last year the event was hosted by Aktyubinsk in Kazakhstan. Tengizchevroil took active part in that exhibition.


Each year brings more evidence of mutually beneficial cooperation between neighbor regions. Currently, quite a few agreements have been made between near-border regions of Russia and Kazakhstan which actively stimulate the development of economic relations and generate a strong momentum for cooperation.