TCO Community Investment Council Reported on 2010 activities

Dec 25, 2010

Tengizchevroil is known for actively contributing to the social development of the Atyrau Oblast. It is now also common knowledge that the Egilik program of social infrastructure investment has become a significant factor in the development of the regional economy and infrastructure in particular. In addition to Egilik, Tengizchevroil has recently reorganized Community Investment Program (CIP), committing approximately $1 million for various programs each year. TCO's new initiative is primarily targeting the development of the civil society in the given area. As part of the CIP, TCO instituted the Community Investment Council (CIC) in charge of developing the philosophy and strategy of community investment. Recently, the CIC voted for sustainable community investment projects proven to have a more lasting effect and larger outreach than the occasional charitable donations. Now, the primary focus of TCO community investments is on the support of local NGOs and establishment of partnership with such public associations in order to engage the community in social development process and pursue continued leadership in the area of corporate social responsibility.


The above questions and specific CIP projects were recently discussed at the Town Hall Meeting at the TCO Headquarters in Atyrau. Local NGOs working in partnership with Tengizchevroil made presentations on specific programs and reported to TCO employees and to the representatives of TCO partners - KazMunaiGas, ExxonMobil, LUKarco and ChevronMunaiGas - the achieved results and future plans. Among other stakeholders attending the meeting were representatives of various local NGOs and media.


2010 was marked by a very productive effort of TCO working in partnership with Eurasia Foundation of Central Asia (EFCA). In particular, a few interesting projects of vast benefit to the community have been implemented in Zhylyoi region and received a very positive feedback and support among the residents. Rinad Temirbekov, EFCA executive director made a report on the program worked out jointly with TCO and focusing three areas of primary importance to the community: development of the civil society, improvement of the public education quality, improvement of public health services.


Damilia Nugymanova, president of Kazakhstan Association of Family Doctors, was pleased to report to the audience the encouraging results of the program specifically focusing on heart disease prevention, upgrading of the medical professionals' skills, increasing the public awareness and promotion of the healthy way of life.


The audience at TCO Auditorium also appreciated the presentation on the IREX project in Atyrau aimed at enhancing the computer skills and civil awareness of local school students. Leaders of the organization, Mark Skogen and Svetlana Aitpayeva, joined Chingis Mussabekov, a student active in the program, to speak about the high effectiveness of the training and workshops organized by IREX in Atyrau. Writer Beket Karashin representing the Zeinillah Kabdolov Fund spoke about the activities to promote the native language, accomplished as part of the project called "I speak Kazakh." Some interesting projects were presented by Tarlan and Globus NGOs, which we covered earlier in TCO NEWS. General manager of TCO Government and Public Affairs, Rzabek Artygaliyev, awarded certificates of excellence to all NGOs working in partnership with TCO on social investment projects. The volunteer movement has recently become very active worldwide, and we are pleased to acknowledge Atyrau residents appeared to be active supporters of this initiative. Dozens of our compatriots and expats working in Atyrau Oblast are eager to contribute their time and expertise to the people in need of help. Among the active volunteers who make a great difference to the community TCO recognized Nelly Kulikovskikh, Anastasia Chirkina, Fedor Sarayev, Judson Offner, Carol Cavanaugh and leaders of the Atyrau Robert Burns Society. Letters of appreciation were also given to long-term members of the board of TCO Community Investment Council - Alma Ermanova, Gulnara Aitzhanova, Angela Kurmaniyazova, Dastem Jassanov and Zhanarbek Zharilgassinov.