Environmental NGO Leaders are Welcomed at Tengiz

Nov 23, 2011

Fifteen civil society leaders focused on environment protection were welcomed at Tengizchevroil facilities November 16. This is the second official NGO group meeting TCO has organized in 2011. The events are aimed to increase awareness about TCO’s projects to reduce its environmental footprint.


After a tour of Shanyrak Village, the rotational accommodations at Tengiz, delegates were given a tour to several facilities across the Tengiz oilfield. Destinations included one of the air monitoring stations, the Waste Water Treatment Facilities under construction, the dyke and Second Generation Plant Control Room.


Shortly after the tour, Andrei Naboka, Tengizchevroil lead environmental specialist, and Gulnar Taskali, environmental group leader, delivered a comprehensive presentation on TCO’s intent to reduce water consumption with a new recycling project and achievements in reduction of air emissions. The NGO leaders expressed increased interest during these two presentations as water resource conservation and air quality remain significant concerns for the community.


Overall, the visit was very productive and informative both for NGO leaders and Tengizchevroil and covered all major environmental projects implemented at Tengiz.


Galina Chernova, Globus NGO head, expressed her thanks for arranging the visit, “I am very grateful for arranging this visit to Tengiz facilities which fulfills the interest of the community. It was a very interesting event and provided extensive information, including access to facilities, meeting with specialists, who were able to address our concerns clearly and delivered all presentations at high level of professionalism,” she said.


“I hope Tengizchevroil will further remain a leader among Kazakhstani oil companies,” said Max Bokayev, Arlan NGO leader.


“Once again, I would like to thank you for the opportunity to visit Tengiz with NGO leaders. In spite to sometimes narrow-minded perception of oil industry in the well-being of our country, I believe, this kind of collaboration with NGOs consistently shapes sustainable positive image both for TCO and the industry as well. Especially, when results TCO has succeeded are so impressive,” said Yerzhan Bilyalov, CEO, Kazakhstan Petroleum Association.


“It was very valuable to see the air monitoring station in action, waste water treatment facilities, which are being constructed and the control room at Second Generation Plant, as well as to learn about living conditions offered to employees at Tengiz” said in her address Zhanar Zhandosova, Director, SANGE Research Center. She also added, “Great work is being performed. Waste water treatment and its recycling practice should be applied throughout Kazakhstan. Thanks to everyone, who introduced their presentations and was accompanying us during the trip”.


“I would like to thank you for the interest expressed towards Tengizchevroil environmental performance,” said Rzabek Artygaliyev, Policy, Government and Public Affairs general manager in his address to NGO leaders. We are always open to opportunities for cooperation and respect your feedback. I am looking forward to further extend our constructive collaboration,” he added.


Since 2000, Tengizchevroil has invested $2.3 billion on projects to minimize the environmental impact. Such investments in environmental protection have enabled TCO to reduce total gas flaring volumes by 97 percent since the year 2000. Total air emissions generated per tonne of oil produced were reduced by 74 percent since 2000.


To learn more about environmental projects implemented by Tengizchevroil please visit Environmental Performance section.