Tengizchevroil wins Presidential 2011 Paryz Grand-Prize

Dec 15, 2011

The 2011 Paryz Award ceremony took place on December 9 in Astana and Tengizchevroil has been honored as Grand Prize winner, proving its excellence and leadership in building corporate citizenship throughout organization and the community.

Paryz Award was established in 2008 by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev to recognize companies for their sustainable achievements in corporate social responsibility. This year 610 contestants applied for this very special prize and only a select few were awarded golden and silver statuettes to acknowledge their efforts in four nominations: Best Collective Agreement, Best Socially Responsible Company, Best Social Project and For the Environmental Stewardship.


Paryz Grand Prize, the highest and most prestigious award at Paryz Contest, went to Tengizchevroil for its consistent and successful strategy of corporate social responsibility.


“Receiving this award is an immense honor for Tengizchevroil,” said Tim Miller, Tengizchevroil general director. “I want to commend our excellent TCO teams who have made this possible through their strong performance in the areas of corporate responsibility, community investment and environmental protection.”


Since 1993, Tengizchevroil has invested more than $645 million dollars into its projects and programs aimed to solve challenges both the company and the community faces, demonstrating its spirit of responsible business, which has been recognized with Gold and Silver Paryz Awards in previous years.


In 2008, Tengizchevroil received its first Silver Paryz Award in the nomination Best Social Project. This achievement was followed the next year with the Gold Paryz for the Best Collective Agreement which is a cornerstone of the strong social package provided to TCO employees. Along with collective bargaining, employees benefit from housing loans, annual training, savings programs, health insurance and scholarships and camps for eligible children. These programs have helped TCO to increase national workforce to 85 percent.


To learn more about Tengizchevroil’s Corporate Responsibility, please follow this link.