Dedication of new water pumping station in Kulsary

Dec 30, 2011

Tengizchevroil and Atyrau Oblast officials dedicated a new water pumping station in Kulsary city on December 27. The station’s daily production capacity of 30,000 cubic meters is enough to supply the entire city’s population with potable water.


Construction of the station facilities and renovation of major waterlines throughout the city’s residential areas has been funded by Tengizchevroil’s voluntary social infrastructure program Egilik. To date, $45 million have been invested into this multi-year project since its beginning in 2009. The project includes facilities and water processing and chlorination which comply with European standards, as well as 140 km of plastic distribution pipelines. The new water station farm includes two tanks, 5,000 cubic meters each, to store and maintain water quality at a high level. High pressure will be sustained within the entire system. Technical qualities and efficient technologies make this station unique in Kazakhstan.


In his speech Askar Abdirov, Deputy Akim of Atyrau Oblast said, “The renovation of entire water supply system in Kulsary is the part of the priority tasks, which had been assigned by Head of the State, in order to improve people’s wellbeing. From the bottom of my heart and on behalf of Akim Bergey Ryskaliyev, I would like to thank Tengizchevroil and its contractors for bringing this project to life.”


Works will continue in 2012 and inter-grid waterlines will be laid in addition to major ones. Tengizchevroil partners have already agreed to assign $11 million for these purposes.


“We will continue this project in 2012. Our partners approved $20 million for Egilik Program for 2012, and $11 million will be spent for inter-grid lines in Kulsary and the rest for a kindergarten in New Karaton and Atyrau and a school in Atyrau,” said Dick Filgate, Tengizchevroil General Manager of Operations.


Since the Egilik social infrastructures program succeeded the Atyrau Bonus Program in 1999, its annual budget has grown steadily and reached $20 million in 2009. Over the life of the program, TCO has funded various social infrastructure projects for Atyrau Oblast including schools, hospitals and clinics, as well as the construction of water, electricity and water systems. At the end of 2010, TCO had invested $165 million in the Egilik and Atyrau Bonus programs since 1993.