Tengizchevroil Donates Ambulance to Zhylyoi Regional Hospital

Nov 11, 2013

The new ambulance that Tengizchevroil donated to the Zhylyoi regional hospital is equipped with all  the modern equipment required to stabilize patients being transported to hospital. As mentioned by Kuanysh Utegenov, Chief Doctor of the hospital, this mobile intensive care unit will especially helpful in transportation of serious patients from Kulsary to the oblast center as well as those involved in motor vehicle accidents.

During the ceremony of donation, Tengizchevroil’s General Director Tim Miller mentioned that since its formation, TCO has been committed to contributing to the community of the region in which we operate.  

“We will continue to work with Akim Izbassov to provide benefit to the citizens of Zhylyoi. Our partnership and cooperation have made a difference to the people of this region and we will continue to make strategic investments for the benefit of the people”, said Miller. 

Over the last year, TCO has donated required modern equipment to doctors and patients and assisted in improving conditions of patients’ stay in hospital.

Akim of the Zhyloi region Maksim Izbassov, participating in the ceremony, expressed his warm thanks to TCO for support in improvement of the health care services quality and also mentioned about the huge role the program of the Egilik social infrastructure projects, which have been implemented by the company.

The Zhylyoi region with its population over 70 thousand people remains one of the key focus areas of TCO social prorams. As part of the Egilik program, the company is close to the completion of a three-year water supply upgrade project in Kulsary, overall cost of which is $60 million. In addition, TCO implements a number of educational, health care, civil society development projects in partnership with Eurasia Foundation of Central Asia and other NGOs.

Since its formation in 1993, Tengizchevroil invested over $830 million in social programs and projects, which are aimed to improve prosperity of the community of the Atyrau oblast and employees.