TCO Feedback Management Process Explained

Jan 12, 2015

Since it was founded in 1993, Tengizchevroil (TCO) has been committed to building productive, collaborative and beneficial relationships with government, other companies, our customers, our local communities and with each other. Fundamental to this commitment is open dialog between TCO and our stakeholders. TCO’s Feedback Process provides a reliable way to present a concern or suggestion to the company and then receive a response. The Process is confidential; names and feedback received are not shared outside of TCO.


What is “feedback?”

Feedback is questions or suggestions about TCO operations, the company’s general business or issues involving its projects such as the Future Growth Project (FGP).

What is the TCO Feedback Process?

The Feedback Process is a quick, easy and confidential process for stakeholders to communicate with TCO on company operations issues and receive a timely response.

How does the process work?

Anyone with an issue or suggestion can submit feedback directly to TCO. People prefer different channels for communicating, so TCO provides as many options as possible to make it easy for you to provide feedback.

Feedback can be submitted by mail, telephone, email and on a feedback form at drop box locations in Atyrau and Mangystau Oblasts and at Tengiz.

Once you have submitted feedback, TCO will formally acknowledge within 5 working days that we have received the feedback. TCO’s objective is to respond to the feedback within 20 working days.

Is the Feedback Process confidential?

Yes. TCO does not share feedback outside of the company. Feedback lets us respond to concerns, and consider suggestions that help TCO become more responsive to our local communities.

Can I provide feedback without giving my name or address?

TCO will accept anonymous feedback but, without a mailing address or e-mail, will not be able to respond to such feedback. TCO’s Feedback Process is confidential so we urge people to provide us with your feedback, together with contact information that will allow us to respond directly to you.

Tengizchevroil LLP invites Atyrau and Mangystau Oblasts community members to fill out a feedback form at drop box locations in Atyrau, Aktau and Tengiz at the following addresses:

  • Tengizchevroil LLP Headquarters, Atyrau
  • FGP office at Worley Parsons, Atyrau
  • PSN office, Atyrau
  • Aarhus Center, Atyrau
  • Shanyrak Village, Dome 1, Tengiz
  • Shanyrak Village crew change hall, Tengiz
  • Building of Zhylyoi Region Akimat Administration, RV, Tengiz
  • TCOV Canteen, Tengiz
  • Building of Kulsary City Akimat, Kulsary
  • Building of Department of Employment and Social Programs, Kulsary
  • FGP office, Aktau





Feedback line:

+ 7 7122 27 19 74


Satpayev, 3, Atyrau, Kazakhstan 060011

Tengizchevroil LLP

Policy, Government and Public Affairs Department