Projects created within the framework of "CIP"

The results of TCO's joint work with non-governmental organizations solve many social problems and have a positive impact on the social life of the region.



PF "Bilim Barine"


PF "Ecologica"


PF "Biz de adambyz"


NGO "Atyrau. Little country"


NGO "Atyrau. Little country"


Kazakhstan Association of Family Physicians (KAFP)


PF "BolashakK"


PF "BolashakK"


PFD "Sezual"


PF "Personal growth Integrity"


PF "Personal growth Integrity"


Public association of psychologists "Oi-sana"


CF "Caravan of knowledge"


Eurasia Foundation of Central Asia (EFCA)


Eurasia Foundation of Central Asia (EFCA)


PF "Biz de adambyz"


PF "Zhurekten zhurekke"


PF "Fund for Social Programs and Innovations"


PF "Zeyin-Atyrau"


PF "Talaptan"


PF "Janasha"


PF "Ainalayyn Baladan"

Scientific exhibition "Atyrau EcoFair 2023"

Goal: promotion of environmental protection and the application of green innovative technologies in Atyrau oblast

Green School

Goal: to instill environmental behavior skills in children aged 9 to 14 years and their parents through the author's innovative program "Green School".

Effective rehabilitation of people with disabilities

Goal: Improving the quality of life of people with disabilities moving in wheelchairs and living in the Atyrau oblast. Assistance in their adaptation in society, support in the control of the psychological and emotional state, rapid and effective implementation of the process of their rehabilitation.

At muratka zhetkizu

Goal: is to help people with musculoskeletal disorders achieve physical and psychological independence, to enable them to adapt to new, changing circumstances.

At muratka zhetkizu

Goal: is to help people with musculoskeletal disorders achieve physical and psychological independence, to enable them to adapt to new, changing circumstances.

Improving treatment and raising awareness of non-communicable diseases in Zhylyoi

Goal: improving treatment and raising awareness about non-communicable diseases in Zhylyoi

Implementation of "Early Intervention Program" in Atyrau oblast

Goal: implementing an "early intervention" program in Atyrau oblast to minimize childhood disability, improve the quality of life and promote the social integration of children with neuro-psycho-motor disorders and their families.

Improving the potential of specialists in the rehabilitation field of Atyrau oblast

Goal: to increase the capacity of local medical personnel in Atyrau oblast in the field of rehabilitation and actively involve parents and relatives of patients in the rehabilitation process to achieve effective treatment results.

Electronic Braille Alphabet Trainer for Music

Goal: promoting quality education, improving literacy, exercising labor rights and social rehabilitation of young people with visual impairments.

Vocational guidance - a conscious choice of profession

Goal: to identify and develop the individual abilities of each child to choose a profession and develop independent living skills in children.

School of the new generation

Goal: to create an educational environment in the schools of the oblast (the city of Atyrau and the Zhylyoi district of the Atyrau oblast) for generations Z and alpha.

Scientific and methodological support for teachers in inclusive education

Goal: the formation and improvement of the professional competence of 125 teachers of inclusive education through scientific and methodological support during 2023.

Development of STEAM education

Goal: implementation of a set of measures for the development of STEAM education in the district.

Public spaces in Zhylyoi district and Borankul village

Goal: local action groups address larger community infrastructure issues in partnership with government agencies.

Public spaces in Atyrau

Goal: active citizens of Atyrau improve public spaces for the general population in partnership with the authorities.

Atyrau without barriers

Goal: to raise awareness of people with limited mobility (for example, people with disabilities, parents with small children moving in a wheelchair, children under 7 years old, temporarily injured, elderly and pregnant women), experts and all active citizens about the problem of accessibility of social facilities and possible ways to solve it.

Development of corporate volunteering

Goal: development and implementation of corporate volunteering and social responsibility of Tengizchevroil.

"Zharkyra" - a program for the development of social entrepreneurship in Atyrau oblast

Goal: promotion of innovative social initiatives aimed at providing a sustainable business solution to the social, economic, and environmental problems of the community in the city of Atyrau and Atyrau oblast.

"Qadam" – a project to support women and their business orientation

Goal: to improve the quality of life of families from a socially vulnerable group and strengthen their economic independence.

Zhas kasipker - zhalynda

Goal: to teach the youth and high school students of Akkiiztogai village the basic principles of entrepreneurship and assist them in implementing their business ideas using new technologies.


Goal: to help the youth of Zhylyoi district at the age of 14-29 adapt to changes in the labor market and master modern professions.

"Shabyt" School of Crafts and Arts

Goal: to develop creative skills in children from 5 to 18 years old in Makat district and adapt them to the craft.