Two kindergartens opened in Kulsary

20 July 2018

Two new pre-schools appeared in Atyrau Oblast recently to serve the children of Kulsary in Zhylyoi District. Both kindergartens were funded by the Egilik Voluntary Social Infrastructure Program and were commissioned this July.

The kindergartens, each with a capacity of 290 children, are equipped with everything necessary for the education and care of children aged three to seven years. In the adjoining territory of each of the schools, there are 13 playgrounds with shadow canopies and play equipment, a sports ground, and a berry garden.

Tengizchevroil pays special attention to Zhylyoi District of Atyrau Oblast, which is where the Tengiz field is located. In 2017, three kindergartens and three sports and recreation facilities were opened in the district, all funded by the Egilik Program.

Tengizchevroil founded the Egilik Voluntary Social Infrastructure Program in 1998. For 20 years, the program has provided more then $250 MM for social infrastructure projects.