Kazakh oil companies to sponsor competition of young talents “Jas-tolqyn”

02 September 2019

“Jas-tolqyn” is a charity project organized among young gifted children living in Atyrau, Aktobe, Mangystau and West Kazakhstan Oblasts. Organizers and sponsors of the competition said a few words about the progress of its implementation, as well as its conditions and tasks at the press conference in Atyrau on September 2.

The competition "Jas-tolqyn" financed by the expense of charitable funds of Caspian Pipeline Consortium-K JSC and Tengizchevroil LLP has started in June of this year. Even though the project is being carried out in Kazakhstan for the first time, it has its own history that has been formed for years. This competition is annually held in Russia under the name “CPC - for talented children!”. This year the competition became international, since now Kazakhstanis are taking part in it too.  

“Caspian Pipeline Consortium has been implementing the charity project “CPC - for talented children!” in Russia for over 20 years. This year, the competition expanded its territorial boundaries, and our children get the opportunity to take part in it and try their abilities. We are interested in supporting young people, identifying talents and helping their further development and professional growth” – said Kairgeldy Kabyldin, CPC Deputy General Director. 

“TCO was and will be a part of the local community, and support in solving the social problems of Atyrau Oblast is one of our priorities. Since 1993, TCO has invested more than 1.8 billion US dollars to implement social projects in the region", - said Rzabek Artygaliev, TCO General Manager of Policy, Government and Public Affairs Team at the press conference.

The competition is aimed at finding new talents, giving children the opportunity to open up, acquire skills during master classes with professional teachers, spectacle masters and world-class actors, preserving traditions and culture, supporting originality and creative individuality. 

The competition consists of three stages. At the first stage - “at a distance”, online applications had been received. Acceptance of applications was ended on August 31 of this year. As a result, 114 applications were received from creative groups and individual performers. In total, more than 500 children and adolescents have applied, including children from remote rural areas of the Western region. At the moment, the competition jury is working on the selection of children who will pass to the second stage - “Full-time competition”. It will be held in Atyrau from October 1st to 5th. Winners of this stage - Grand Prix owners will take part in the united cultural forum, which will be held in Moscow from October 26 to 30, 2019. 

According to the terms of competition, only children aged 9 to 18 years can participate. Children aged 9 to 14 years are in the younger group, and children aged 15 to 18 years are in the elder. In general, participants will compete in three categories: “Choreography” (folk and variety dance), “Vocal” (ensembles, solo, duet, quartet) and “Instrumental genre” (orchestra, ensembles, solo). 

The administrator of the program is Corporate Fund “BI-Zhuldyzai”. It is fitting that a large-scale project like charity competition “Jas-tolqyn" is held on the eve of the 120th anniversary of Kazakhstan oil industry, as well as in the Year of Youth, announced by Decree of the First President N.Nazarbayev.   

The contest organizers are confident that the project will help identify more gifted children and support their work, as well as promote the art of choreography, vocals, instrumental music among children and adolescents, and in general, that it will become another good, annual tradition in Kazakhstan aimed at developing children’s healthy interest to creativity.