Two social infrastructure facilities launched in Zhylyoi district

04 December 2019

Tengizchevroil LLP, as part of its “Egilik” voluntary social infrastructure program, commissioned two social infrastructure facilities in Zhylyoi district.

Grand opening of a kindergarten was held in the village of Maikomgen. It is the first pre-school faciity opened in the village.

Representatives of the Akimat of Zhylyoi district, Tengizchevroil (TCO) leadership, media and residents of the village of Maikomgen attended the grand opening of the kindergarten.

The first kindergarten in the village is designed to accommodate 100 children. There are 4 sites for each age group with shade canopies. The new kindergarten is also equipped with sports and gaming equipment, which provides opportunities for organizing children's leisure and sports development. The project provides for autonomous energy and heat supply of a preschool institution.

The building of the new kindergarten meets all modern safety requirements and is equipped with ramps for disabled people.

In addition, special attention was paid to the improvement of the adjacent areas of the kindergarten. All walking areas are landscaped. Walking paths and benches are provided.

On the same day, a presentation of the landscaped embankment of the Kursai river was held in the city of Kulsary. Landscaping of the embankment was carried out as part of the Kursai river clearing program. This program helps create conditions for maintaining the water level in lake Kamyskol, improvement of the tributary of Kursai river within the city of Kulsary, increase recreational opportunities for the population.

The program provided for the following work:

  1. A water intake facility with an underwater channel 2 km long from Emba (Zhem) river and the deepening of the discharge channel at the source of Kursai river
  2. A water control facility with a 285 m long dam on Kurzhem river, and a driveway 1 km long
  3. A culvert on Kurzhem river with clearing and deepening of the sources by 2.5 km along the channel
  4. Bridge crossing between Kamyskol and Demyan lakes
  5. Clearing and deepening of Kursai river within the boundaries of the city of Kulsary with the strengthening and improvement of the 3.6 km long coastline.

During the presentation of new facilities, Akim of Zhylyoi district, Mr. Azamat Beket noted the significant contribution of TCO to improving the well-being of residents of Zhylyoi district and thanked the company on behalf of all residents of the district. In turn, TCO Policy, Government and Public Affairs General Manager Rzabek Artygaliev noted that for TCO it is of great importance to invest in the communities in which the company operates.

“We are pleased that TCO’s activities not only bring economic benefits to the country and the region, but also positively affect the social well-being of the local community, of which we are an integral part. We hope that our close cooperation with the Akimat of Atyrau oblast, in particular, the Akimat of Zhylyoi district and the population will continue in the same productive manner, and we will all more than once witness the emergence of such social infrastructure facilities that are so necessary for the region” said Mr. Artygaliev.

TCO budgets 25 million USD annually for its Egilik voluntary program, which became company’s key initiative in its’ corporate responsibility portfolio. Egilik is aimed to support projects that improve social infrastructure of Atyrau oblast. There are over 88 projects listed as completed within this program. TCO’s social investment contribution since 1993 exceeds 1.8 billion USD.