For the first time in Kazakhstan, entrepreneurs were trained in how to create equal opportunities for women and men within companies

19 November 2020

The representatives of small and medium-sized businesses are participating in an online training program called: “Improving the competitiveness of suppliers through broadening economic rights and opportunities for women”. The course was conducted as part of a joint program between TCO and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, to support and develop local suppliers. Promoting diversity and inclusion and creating equal opportunities for both women and men improves the competitiveness of domestic companies and helps them meet international standards.

The approximately 30 participants learned about the importance and benefits of women participating in economic life, from the country’s perspective, business perspective, as well as prospects for personal development. Moreover, the coaches provided students with the opportunity to experience key concepts related to gender equality in the workplace. In addition, the managers were able to develop action plans focused on achieving measurable results for women’s economic rights within their organization.

TCO General Director Eimear Bonner shared her perspective:

«Throughout my seven years of working in Kazakhstan’s energy sector, I have been most impressed by my colleagues’ demonstrated respect and unwavering commitment to supporting the professional development of women in our industry. The energy industry offers tremendous opportunities for professional growth and development, and I encourage women in Kazakhstan to continue pursuing careers in this great and rewarding profession – to work hard, be confident and aspire to leadership roles in the industry, if those opportunities are of interest. I am delighted to see initiatives like this, and I strongly support efforts to advance opportunities for women to be in leadership roles in business. At TCO, we remain committed to our support for women in Kazakhstan’s energy industry».

TCO continues to work to develop the capabilities of local suppliers, and the company is pleased to support similar programs that highlight and empower women in Kazakhstan’s energy sector.