Tengizchevroil Social Investments: 2020 Year-End Results

19 February 2021

Tengizchevroil’s (TCO) main purpose is to create value for the Republic of Kazakhstan (RoK), communities where it operates and its shareholders. As the leading producer, taxpayer and employer in Kazakhstan, the company continues to make a major contribution to the economy of the region and the country.

TCO strives to operate in a socially responsible manner in line with its TCO Way values and the company has a long history of investing in communities. Since 1993, TCO has invested over $2 billion dollars to fund both social projects and programs to support communities and its employees.

Under the company’s voluntary Egilik Social Infrastructure Program, $25 million dollars is allocated each year to build social infrastructure in Atyrau Oblast, like schools, hospitals, kindergartens, improving public spaces and more. Despite the pandemic in 2020, several projects were completed including a Flagpole national monument in Atyrau City, a 100-place dormitory at the Atyrau College of Energy and Construction, a 280-seat kindergarten in Dossor village and a Kursay river embankment enhancement in Kulsary, among others. Currently, six more social infrastructure facilities are under the construction.

The company’s Community Investment Program (CIP) is based on community needs and focused on programs that support education, economic development and healthcare. As part of the CIP, 80 projects worth $9.5 million dollars were implemented in the last ten years. In 2020 alone, TCO spent $1.2 million dollars on 10 CIP projects in the Atyrau Oblast which also helped support communities especially during the challenging situation with the pandemic. TCO works closely with the following NGO partners: Kazakhstan Association of Family Physicians, Eurasia Foundation of Central Asia, Independent Generation of Kazakhstan, Yntymak Atyrau, Project Hope, Мugedek Alеmі, Public association - Atyrau A small country, Kabdolov Academic Foundation and, BolashakK Community Foundation.

These social investments continue to positively impact lives of the residents of the Atyrau region, and their successful implementation would not be possible without the excellent support received from various departments of the Atyrau Oblast Akimat.