29 June 2021

Tengizchevroil LLP (TCO) together with regional mass media and the branch of The Union of Kazakhstani Journalists held the traditional annual Journalist Contest, now in its 10th year. The work of these regional “Wordsmiths” were assessed in 9 nomination categories. 23 journalists took part in the contest including 11 representatives from print media, 8 TV journalists, 1 photo-reporter and 3 camera operators. The jury consisted of the most experienced and qualified journalists in Atyrau Oblast. It took them a week to thoroughly review and analyze the presented contest materials.

The “Kazakhstan’s Oil in Country’s Economy” journalist contest was supposed to have taken place in September 2020, but it was suspended due to COVID-19 pandemic. Instead, the contest took place and the best journalists were announced on the eve of Mass Media Workers Day on June 25, 2021.“We realize the importance of mass media in delivering information on the economic and social-political developments of our country. Journalists’ daily routine has taken a special place in society: you inform the community, supply quick and precise information and you also undertake in-depth analyses of various topics. You publish news which provides the immeasurable value to the development of the regional oil and gas industry. It’s important to note that you are the link between the government and community which was tangibly demonstrated during the pandemic when the events were broadcasted directly to the public. I extend my warm congratulations on your professional holiday!” said Rzabek Artygaliyev, TCO PGPA General Manager and the Chairman of the Jury panel.

The following winners were announced:

Nomination for “Best Camera Operator”: 

  • 1st place, Onerbek Zhanabay “Kazakhstan” АО RTRK
  • 2nd place, Nurbol Mugalim, “Astana” TV channel
  • 3rd place, Amatay Matenov, “Khabar 24” Agency

Nomination for “Best Photo-reporter”: 

  • 1st place, Anuar Abilgaziyev, “Prikaspijskaya Kommuna” Newspaper 

Nomination for “Young Pen”: 

  • 1st place, Omirbek Kenzheakhmet, “Mereili Meken” Magazine
  • 2nd place, Dinara Kanbetova, “Prikaspijskaya Kommuna” Newspaper 

Nomination for “Best TV Report in State/Russian Language”:

  • 1st place, Zein Ergaliyeva, “Kazakhstan” AOF АО RTRK
  • 2nd place, Aimgul Khairullina, “Kazakhstan” AOF АО RTRK
  • 3rd place, Gulfani Ersainova, “Kazakhstan” AOF АО RTRK

Nomination for “Best Article in Russian Language Print Media”:

  • 1st place, Marina Kuanysheva, “Prikaspijskaya Kommuna” Newspaper
  • 2nd place, Alma Turganova, “Prikaspijskaya Kommuna” Newspaper
  • 3rd place, Svetlana Novak, “Prikaspijskaya Kommuna” Newspaper

Nomination for “Best Article in State Language Print Media”:

  • 1st place, Tanatar Dareluly, “Sakhara” Newspaper
  • 2nd place, Mendibay Sumesinov, “Atyrau” Newspaper
  • 3rd place, Amandyk Abdol, “Atyrau” regional newspaper website 

Nomination for “Best Staff Correspondent of Republican Mass Media”:  

  • 1st place, Bazargul Izimova, “Astana” TV Channel
  • 2nd place, Aslanbek Shygyr, “Khabar 24” Agency
  • 3rd place, Zhandos Temirgali, “Kazakhstan” АО RTRK

Nomination for “Best Mass Media in Atyrau Oblast”: “Kazakhstan” AOF АО RTRK

Grand-Prix awarded to: Lyubov Monastyrskaya, “Prikaspijskaya Kommuna” Newspaper 

The Jury specifically noted the works of:

  • Nurgul Ramazanova, “Kazakhstan” АО RTRK
  • Gulnaz Karimzhan, “Kazakhstan” АО RTRK

Gratitude for the participation and consolation prize awarded to:

  • Zhuldyz Tuleukhan, “Kazakhstan” АО RTRK
  • Anzhelika Lee, “Prikaspijskaya Kommuna” Newspaper
  • Nadezhda Shilman, “Prikaspijskaya Kommuna” Newspaper
  • Maira Orazgaliyeva, “Atyrau” Newspaper