A school with 580 places has been put into operation in Kulsary

03 September 2021

A new school for 580 children in Kulsary city, Zhylyoi district of Atyrau Oblast, has opened its doors. Tengizchevroil LLP (TCO), through its voluntary social infrastructure program “Egilik, funded the construction and donated the new school to Kulsary residents on the occasion of Knowledge Day.

The new school offers students to study general school curriculum and offers students the possibility to develop their creative skills. There are specially equipped workshops for ceramics and metal and wood processing, as well as offices for processing fabrics and cooking in the building.

"Today is a special day for the residents of Zhylyoi district. The construction of the new school No. 6 has been completed and the facility was handed over to the residents within the framework of the 30th anniversary of the Republic of Kazakhstan Independence. I would like to sincerely congratulate you on the opening of the new school and the beginning of the new academic year! I wish the new school students to use this new facility to their best: to study well, to stay active, honest and responsible" emphasized Khalel Zhamalov, Akim of Atyrau region Zhylyoi district.

TCO pays special attention to the development of Zhylyoi district and Kulsary city. According to Rzabek Artygaliev, TCO General Manager for Policy, Government and Public Affairs, 60% of all projects under the Egilik program were implemented in Zhylyoi District.

“We, both as a company and as employees, are an integral part of the local community. As most of the employees in Tengiz live in Zhylyoi District, TCO management will continue to focus on this district. We are glad that the next project of the Egilik program has been successfully completed and will benefit Kulsary residents, and we will witness the future successes of the graduates of this school" said Mr. Artygaliyev, addressing to the students and parents gathered for the opening ceremony.

To date 13 educational institutions operate for the almost 63 thousand population of Kulsary city. The voluntary social infrastructure program “Egilik” was established in 1998 by replacing the five-year "Atyrau Bonus Fund" program. Since the beginning of its implementation, the annual budget of the Egilik program has been consistently increasing. For 2021 TCO will allocate $30 million. Most of the funds will be directed to the construction of kindergartens, schools and other social facilities for the benefit of the population of Atyrau Oblast. In total, over 130 projects have been completed under the Egilik program.