Tengizchevroil participates the 27th international exhibition KIOGE

07 October 2021

TCO Kazakhstani Content Development Department within KIOGE exhibition framework, told local entrepreneurs how to become a TCO supplier. He recommend to start from expressing an interest to become a TCO supplier by registering company account in TCO supplier database

The constant development of Kazakhstan market of goods and services meeting high international standards is a cornerstone of TCO’s continuous development strategy and creates significant values for Kazakhstan. TCO is constantly looking for opportunities to further strengthen partnerships with suppliers and producers from all regions of Kazakhstan.

Hence, TCO requires large strategic suppliers and equipment manufacturers to invest in the economy of Kazakhstan and nationalize personnel. Examples of successful localization of production include: chemical reagents for drilling fluids, cases for remote instrumentation and substations. Secondly, TCO qualifies companies by determining their ability to meet high requirements. Last year, enterprises providing waste disposal service, thermal insulation of vests, repair of low and high voltage engines, and other Kazakhstani companies were considered.

In addition, TCO cooperates with external projects for Kazakhstani business development, such as initiative of European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). Within such framework of the program, local enterprises receive direct consultations from international and local experts, and can also be trained to obtain international quality certificates. According to EBRD, 79% of the supported companies increased their turnover for 54%, or 2.8 million euros in average. 58% of the companies participating in the project noted an increase in the number of employees for 10% in average, that is, they created 175 new jobs. At the same time, 46% of clients noted an increase in jobs for women by 13%. In total, during the cooperation between the EBRD and TCO, more than 30 projects were implemented with the involvement of local consultants, 8 projects with the involvement of international industry experts, 10 trainings and seminars that were attended by more than 900 participants. Moreover, 15 Kazakhstani instructors are certified in the field of occupational health and safety by the International Labor Organization, 8 employees of contractors are certified as internal auditors.

In collaboration with a team of researchers from KIMEP University in Almaty, IHS Markit analyzed the value of TCO’s oil and gas production activities, the effects of spending with local Kazakh companies, plus the contributions from social investment programs. During the period 2010 through 2019 TCO expenditures on local Kazakhstani enterprises totaled approximately $24.4 billion, or an average of $2.4 billion per year. This, in turn, stimulated two types of sales activity responses across the Kazakhstani economy that were quantified using a suite of custom economic models IHS Markit developed for this project. The first type—known as indirect activity—traced how TCO’s local spending stimulated activity throughout a multi-tiered extended supply chain in Kazakhstan. TCO activities are mainly concentrated in Atyrau Oblast, but the average annual costs of the company in the local market are not limited to one area.

In addition, TCO strives to support domestic suppliers, including by providing them with information about production and technical needs and requirements for them. Today you can find TCO’s Procurement Plan on the following website.