Tengizchevroil showcases technical leadership at International Geological Forum

26 May 2022

During the "Carbonate Basins of Kazakhstan and Adjacent Areas" International Geological Forum held in Turkestan, Tengizchevroil (TCO) geologists presented three recent studies that aim to optimize oilfield developments and make discoveries in Kazakhstan more efficient. This Forum have brought together geologists, geophysicists, representatives of State and organizations and research institutions from more than ten countries, such as Azerbaijan, Israel, Uzbekistan, and France.

“It is well-known that geologists from past and present have played a crucial role in the industrial and economic development of Kazakhstan. Since the first discovery of oil in Kazakhstan, the country’s oil production, infrastructure and technology have experienced great change – and the growth of Kazakhstan’s oil sector and economy has been staggering”, - said Tengizchevroil LLP General Director Kevin Lyon at the Forum opening ceremony.


The identification and characterization of reservoirs are crucial for increasing oil production and optimizing development decisions. During the forum, TCO senior geophysicist Bagdad Toleubay introduced a new workflow to detect and characterize naturally fractured reservoirs. The TCO geologists’ collaborative paper “An Integrated Image Log and Core-Based Approach for Fractured Reservoir Characterization, Tengiz and Korolev Fields” garnered a lot of interest amongst professional geologists attending the event.




Another TCO senior geologist Assem Bibolova proposed an in-depth approach to improve structural interpretation in “Tengiz Field Fault Shadow Mitigation with Combined Joint FWI-Tomography, Q-Tomography, and Least-Square Migration”. Also, James Bishop, Earth Science Advisor, described the “Depositional and Diagenetic Evolution of Carbonate Slope Reservoir Facies, Tengiz Field, Republic of Kazakhstan”.


The Tengiz and Korolev fields are prolific assets whose development has enabled Kazakhstan to become a major oil producer in the international markets and to establish a significant role on the global stage. The scale, complexity, and challenges, as well as the significant future opportunities for these oilfields, are truly exciting. Throughout the company’s 29-year history, TCO has been investing not only in new production and facilities, but also in developing local professional capabilities and the latest oilfield technologies. The application of these technologies to world-class assets by a talented workforce will enable TCO to continue achieving production milestones.