T. Duissenova, S. Shapkenov and K. Lyon signed FGP-WPMP demobilization Roadmap

20 July 2022

As part of a working trip to Atyrau oblast, Tamara Duyssenova, Minister of Labor and Social Protection of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Ministry), met with Atyrau Oblast Akimat, Tengizchevroil (TCO) and representatives of TCO’s business partners to discuss plans and activities for FGP-WPMP demobilization. In the spirit of ongoing collaboration, TCO, the Ministry of Labor and Atyrau Oblast Akimat signed a Roadmap which provides direction to all parties on managing a safe and smooth demobilization as well as supporting continued employment opportunities.

The Minister highlighted the important role of local authorities in supporting employment for the released workforce.

“When the FGP-WPMP works just started, we were glad to see new jobs created: over 20,000 people were employed for several years. As the project is gradually coming to its completion, it is the time for these people to find other opportunities, move to another jobs. It is employees’, their employers’, and the Government’s task to ensure further employment. It is very important that all parties of this process communicate promptly and clearly and collaborate at their level. Many of the released employees came to Atyrau Oblast from other regions, therefore, other Akimats need to promote local employment, as well,” Mrs. Duyssenova stressed.

The head of Atyrau Oblast Serik Shapkenov noted: “President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev instructed us to increase the overall income of the population. Based on this task, we are implementing a plan to ensure employment opportunities for the released Tengiz employees. Currently, Atyrau Oblast akimat is taking actions to create new jobs. In addition, within the framework of the Region Comprehensive Development Plan, certain projects are being implemented, which will help create opportunities for the released workforce”.


“TCO appreciates the cooperation with the Akimat of Atyrau Oblast, the Ministry of Energy and the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Republic of Kazakhstan. We are jointly monitoring progress related to FGP-WPMP as the various work scopes are completed. The project is currently at 93% completion, - noted Kevin Lyon, TCO General Director. During its implementation, TCO has helped to create a legacy of more than 25,000 trained and skilled national personnel, who can potentially apply their experience on other industrial projects within Kazakhstan and internationally. Furthermore, the FGP-WPMP project has stimulated technology transfer through partnerships with international companies and upgraded infrastructure within the region”.

According to the Demobilization Roadmap algorithms, TCO will continue submitting quarterly information on the demobilization forecast, including data on specializations and the regions, to the Ministry, Akimat, and the electronic labor employment platform.

Meanwhile, the local authorities will undertake to provide the released individuals with access to employment measures, such us: short-term trainings, employment in jobs created within the framework of national projects and providing grants and micro-loans for startups.