Tengizchevroil improves waste management system at Tengiz field

20 September 2022

Tengizchevroil (TCO) recently held a Waste Management Forum in Atyrau, which helped facilitate the exchange of experiences, showcase the latest achievements with Kazakhstani waste management companies, search for potential service providers, and uncover international best practices in waste management.

The forum was attended by representatives of the State Policy Department in waste management of the Ministry of Ecology, Geology and Natural Resources (MEGNR) of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Ecology department of Atyrau Oblast, Natural Resources and Environmental Management of Atyrau Oblast Akimat, the European-Asian “green” economy Association, Kazakhstan Association for Waste Management “KazWaste”, international companies, as well as owners and managers of local companies in the area of waste disposal services.

Within the framework of the forum, the MEGNR specialists spoke about the requirements of the current environmental legislation applicable to organizations providing services in the production and consumption waste management. Meanwhile, TCO specialists discussed TCO’s internal requirements for potential business partners. Representatives of the association explained the national standards requirements for certain types of waste, while representatives of international companies spoke about international practices of production and consumption waste management.


“Waste management is an important component of the Republic of Kazakhstan’s transition concept to a “green economy.” As you know, TCO strives for continuous improvement in environmental performance. We are pleased that all of you support and stand for TCO values. Only through joint efforts can we achieve success in recycling and reuse of waste, at the same time providing employment to the local population, stimulating economic activity, as well as introducing high quality standards. All these actions will help build strong capabilities in this key area of Kazakhstan’s economy.” - TCO Deputy General Director - Konilkosh Suyessinov, emphasized in his welcoming speech, addressing the forum participants.

At Tengiz, which is located 160 km south-east of Atyrau, there is an industrial complex and about a hundred rotational villages, where thousands of workers from different regions of Kazakhstan live. As a result of TCO’s production activities and related infrastructure, 63 types of various waste streams are generated, and the company can successfully process over 35 of them independently or with the involvement of third-party organizations. During the period of 2015 - 2022, the volume of waste transfer for processing by third-party organizations amounted to more than 700,000 tons. TCO focused on waste recycling. For example, from 2016 to 2022, 2,259 tons of plastic bottles were transferred for processing from which other goods were produced using plastic and PET pellets. Approximately 5,861 tons of paper and cardboard were directed to the production of packaging materials and other goods, and 99,542 tons of concrete waste were used as construction material or transferred to third parties.

At all production sites, both in rotational camps and at other TCO facilities, special color-coded containers have been installed for the distribution of waste by category: plastic bottles, cardboard, office paper, glass, substandard metal, etc. In 2019, when compared to 2017, the sorting and transfer of plastic bottles increased by 11 times, which in mass amounted to over 700 tons, and transfer of cardboard for processing increased by 8 times, which in mass amounted to over 1,500 tons.


All generated waste from production and administrative sites of the field is transported to the Tengiz Eco Center (TEC) facility, which is a “Hub” for the management of waste. This modern multifunctional waste management facility, which was launched in 2004, is the main point where waste is safely received, distributed, temporarily stored, and disposed of on a territory of about 100 hectares.


TCO constantly monitors the market of potential suppliers and studies available waste management methods to further expand waste processing capacities. These efforts will allow the company to achieve even improvements in waste management performance. This will help TCO to continue supporting green principles outlined by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, remain in compliance with the regulatory requirements as well as align with international standards. It is particularly important that all participants in the process have the necessary qualifications and competence. TCO strives to develop and maintain strong business relationships with client-oriented suppliers who have a strong safety culture, uninterrupted production, cost management skills, innovative business solutions and who offer quality goods and services at competitive prices. TCO is convinced that sustainable local companies that actively contribute to sustainable development benefit the economy, society, and the country in general.