A 3,000-seat central stadium was opened in Kulsary

26 September 2022

A new central stadium for 3,000 seats was opened in honor of celebration of Kulsary city day, constructed by TCO within “Egilik” voluntary social and infrastructure program. This is the largest sports facility with a swimming pool that was built in Zhylyoi district since 1999.

Akim of Zhylyoi district – Mr. Karazhanov took part in the opening ceremony of the stadium and congratulated the local residents. “I would like to congratulate everyone on the 21st Anniversary of Kulsary. We are all witnessing how Kulsary has been developing and improving during this time. New facilities are being built every year by request of the residents. One of them is a central stadium equipped according to the modern standards, which was opened today and will serve for benefit of the population. Using this opportunity, on behalf of Zhylyoi district residents, I would like to express appreciation to TCO, which contributes to development of the social life”.

Construction of the stadium was commenced in 2020. This is a fully equipped sports complex with an area of 4 700 sq.m. In addition to the main stadium with a capacity of up to 3,000 seats, a building adjoins the complex with an indoor sports hall for matches and games during a winter period, a swimming pool and fitness rooms. The company has foreseen purchase of the necessary items: indoor football, basketball, volleyball equipment, as well as training tools. Hence, the new sports complex will accommodate a total of 3,250 people and will allow classes to be held simultaneously in several sports all year round.

“TCO social initiatives are aimed at stimulating and unlocking the boundless potential of every resident and community in Atyrau Oblast. TCO strives to expand opportunities for people by providing accessibility and improvement of healthcare, education and social entrepreneurship system” – said Kevin Lyon, TCO General Director.

According to the representatives of Zhylyoi district Akimat, there are 5 sports schools available for children and teenagers and 1 branch in the district, which are attended by a total of 2,490 young athletes.

In honor of the opening event, a football team of Zhylyoi district played the first friendly match against a team consisting of TCO employees. After presenting a Cup to the winners from Zhylyoi district, a concert was held at the stadium with participation of local artists from Zhylyoi district and invited Kazakh pop stars: Marzhan Arapbayeva, Adilet Zhaugashar, Kuandyk Rakhym and Karakesek. The concert was another gift from TCO for Kulsary residents and guests. The mass festivities ended with bright fireworks.


It should be noted that TCO annually invests $25M in construction of schools, kindergartens, healthcare infrastructure, public spaces and other social facilities in Atyrau oblast within “Egilik” voluntary social infrastructure program. In addition, TCO Community Investment Program allocated $2.3 M in 2022 to social projects that create long-term opportunities to drive economic development and ensure the availability and quality of education and healthcare.