Tengizchevroil participated in KIOGE-2022

28 September 2022

The 28th International Oil and Gas Exhibition and Conference, KIOGE-22 has been launched in Almaty. The topic of the conference is the “Development of oil and gas industry in Kazakhstan: new scenarios”


Around 200 participants from 15 countries presented cutting-edge technological, engineering and software developments for oil and gas production enterprises. The exhibition features various focus areas including geology, geophysics, refining, oil-and-gas machine building, transportation, etc.


Due to favorable investment climate, the world's largest oil corporations from Europe, China, Russia and the USA operate in Kazakhstan for many years. In addition, over the years of independence, the volume of foreign direct investment in the industry amounted to more than 200 billion US dollars. Today we are improving our own legislative framework in the field of subsoil use in order to create favorable conditions for attracting new investments. Currently, we are finalizing legislative changes necessary for the introduction of an improved model contract. It provides for regulatory and fiscal preferences in the form of tax exemptions. The implemented reform will facilitate the investment climate in the field of subsoil use, in particular in the exploration of hydrocarbons” - said Bolat Akchulakov, RoK Minister of Energy.


In his speech Kevin Lyon, General Director of Tengizchevroil (TCO), mentioned: “Oil and gas will continue to be a critical part of the global energy mix in the foreseeable future, and we will need all forms of energy to meet growing demand. For more than a quarter of a century, TCO has been creating value for Kazakhstan by operating responsibly, meeting its production commitments to the Republic of Kazakhstan (RoK) and supporting the country’s economic progress. We recognize that climate change is a global challenge that is not bound by national borders, and approaches should also be global in nature.”


Tengizchevroil is the title sponsor of KIOGE-2022. Company specialists will be attending workshops, panel discussions and round table conferences to discuss the advantages of partnership with TCO, the development of the company’s corporate culture, as well as its digital transformation journey.