Оil and gas companies drive diversity and inclusion principles across the energy industry in kazakhstan

27 October 2022

October 27, 2022, ATYRAU – Tengizchevroil (TCO) and North Caspian Operating Company (NCOC) held a “Women in Energy: Pushing the Limits” Forum in Atyrau.

The forum was organized to promote gender diversity and inclusion in the still male-dominated oil and gas industry, to share ideas and company initiatives offering more opportunities for women to step into leadership roles and pursue their goals. Numerous research and statistics have proven that workplaces prioritizing diversity and inclusion create safer, harmonic, and more productive work environments and, as a result, a better-performing company.

During the forum, professionals voiced what it takes to promote females into senior roles in the energy sector in Kazakhstan. What barriers are still in place, are they real or perceived?

At TCO 30% of the workforce are female, in the Leadership Team, 30% are women that are responsible for the most critical work in our organization. Overall, from Field Facilities to Gas Injection, from Facilities Engineering to Marketing and Transportation women play an essential role in operational, technological, scientific, and engineering parts of our business. Compared to 2011, share of women in middle management roles increased for 7%.

Currently, women represent around 30% of almost 3,000 employees in NCOC. Nearly half of them are professionals with a technical background working equally alongside NCOC male workers to make the company successful.

During the event, government representatives, top management of NCOC and TCO, female leaders of the oil and gas industry, and special guests joining online shared practical experiences on professional development and personal growth of women, improving their competitiveness, balancing career and gender roles, pay gap and other issues relating to promoting capability.TCO General director, Kevin Lyon, stated: “I know we must continue to empower women to take their place in this dynamic sector. I am equally proud to support women within our own organization and across our member companies. I am confident, that women will play an increasing role not only in providing safe, reliable, and affordable energy but also in advancing the Kazakhstani Energy sector”.

NCOC Managing director Olivier Lazare said that “To progress further we need the involvement of all, men and women, in the sustainable development of the industry. Gender balance is not only a good organizational practice, it also supports diversity in thoughts, experiences, knowledge, ideas, and perspectives. NCOC aims to be an organization where every voice matters and we are on a journey to become a more diverse and inclusive organization”.

The forum has positioned itself as an effective platform for sharing experiences, building business partnerships in a wide range of areas, and facilitating the development of talents and skills advancing the career growth of women in the oil and gas and energy sectors.