NGOs reported on the 2022 accomplishments in Zhylyoi region

21 December 2022

On December 21, non-governmental organizations spoke in front of Akimat representatives, community, beneficiaries, as well as project sponsors in Kulsary by sharing their results achieved under the 2022 TCO Community Investment Program (CIP).

The Community Investment Program is one of TCO’s voluntary programs, which along with “Egilik” Voluntary Social Infrastructure Program is being implemented within the territory of Atyrau Oblast and Zhylyoi region in particular. It was launched back in 2010. Since then, year-end meetings have become an annual tradition, where NGOs tell the public their success stories, challenges, ups and downs as well as share their experiences with other NGOs who come to the event as guests.

This year, the reporting meeting changed its format and expanded its geography and audience. So, it was decided to hold two events: one of them in Kulsary for the Zhylyoi region community, and the second in the format of an open festival in Atyrau on December 23. The event was also accompanied by creative performances of the beneficiaries and participants of the Community Investment Program.

In his welcoming speech, Deputy Akim of Zhylyoi region, Anuar Shakirov noted and thanked each NGO for their work: “Such a large company as TCO is implementing Community Investment Program focused on improving various spheres of life, and it is good that 10 out of 14 projects are being implemented in Zhylyoi region. These projects covered not only Kulsary but also the remote villages of our district. More than 25 mini-projects have been implemented within CIP. The activities of NGOs have been actively covered in all the media and social networks, and we all know what a great job they have done. I want to highlight that last year, a resident of Kulsary was trained within “Algyr” project under the CIP and implemented her own project - this is an excellent result. I would like to wish to our residents and NGOs to be more active, so that more similar projects are implemented next year in our region”

Projects with direct influence and participation in the lives of Kulsary residents were presented in Kulsary. One of them is everyone’s favorite project “Public Spaces” implemented by the Eurasia Foundation of Central Asia. Residents of villages and towns build recreational facilities, playgrounds, and sports grounds, and provide street lighting with their hands - in one word, they improve the territory of their community. 3.5 million tenge is allocated for each project. And this year 27 mini-projects were implemented in Zhylyoi region which brought benefit to more than 8,000 people. In addition, the geography of this project covers Borankul village in Mangistau Oblast where 5 projects were implemented.


“The uniqueness of the Community Investment Program is that the public represented by NGOs, knowing what areas need improvement, proposes projects for implementation. The work of our NGO partners influences a lot of people of different ages, genders, and social statuses” said Darmen Aronov, TCO Policy, Government and Public Affairs General Manager.

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The Community Investment Program has been implemented since 2010. During this period, 108 projects were implemented within the oblast for a total amount of $13.4 million, and 60 projects in one way or another had an impact on the Zhylyoi region's development.

It should be noted that in addition to the CIP, “Egilik” Voluntary Social Infrastructure Program is also being implemented in Zhylyoi region. As part of this Program, the grand opening of the central stadium for 3,000 seats took place this year. Construction of the central district hospital in Kulsary is in progress. And the construction of a secondary school for 600 students in the Bereke district of Kulsary is scheduled.

In addition, since 2018, 40 family couples from the Zhylyoi region have been able to undergo IVF procedures with TCO financial support. The company also pays attention to the older generation: from November of this year to April of the next year, 100 pensioners and labor veterans of the region, half of whom are residents of the Zhylyoi region, will be able to undergo a health improvement course in the Atyrau health resort.

Company volunteers constantly provide support to children from socially vulnerable groups in the form of charity events and programs. This is only a small portion of the projects that are implemented in the Zhylyoi region, since the welfare of the region where the company’s employees live and work is one of the main priorities of Tengizchevroil.