The competition of the oblast akyns took place in Kulsary

26 May 2023

On May 20, a competition (Aitys) of akyns (poets) from the Oblast, was held in honor of the 30th anniversary of Tengizchevroil LLP on the stage of the House of Culture “Ken Zhylyoi”.

Tengizchevroil has been traditionally holding aitys event for 13 years jointly with the regional branch of Writers’ Union of Kazakhstan. However, this year, as part of the “30 Good Deeds” campaign, the company decided to hold aitys in Kulsary.


“We pay special attention to Zhylyoi district, since this is where our production is located, where our employees and their families live and work. And this year we decided to hold aitys in Kulsary so that the residents of the district could enjoy this unique kind of folk art,” said Darmen Aronov, General Manager for Policy, Government and Public Affairs of Tengizchevroil LLP. “ For all 30 years of its activity, our company has supported and contributed to the preservation and development of national values and culture of our people. And one of these events is aitys ”.


16 aitys akyns from all over the oblast took part in this competition. Among them are Serikbol Panaberdiev, Serik Koishygulov, Nurbeibit Nugmanov, Salauat Karimuly, Nurbek Sarbasov, Mutigola Gani and many others.


It was interesting to see how pairs for aitys were chosen. So, the only female aitysker Assel Taushenova, who appeared on the stage after a 7-year break in her career, had to compete with Zhanibek Sadyrov, for whom, according to him, in his entire long career, this is the first competing with a woman.


A young Erassyl Mukhitov, a graduate student of the faculty of aitys poets of Minor Academy of Arts named after N. Tlendiev who recently demonstrated his skills in front of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev during his visit to Atyrau, had to compete with his teacher. Despite this, the young poet deftly ended his speech, noting that whoever is the winner, this would be the victory of his teacher. After all, what could be better recognition of the teacher’s work than the success of his student.


The participants traditionally were joking with each other, revealed the problems that exist in society and in the oblast, and also emphasized the contribution of Tengizchevroil over 30 years of activity. Good preparation of poets was noticeable, in their performances they sang about the programs implemented by the company, like Egilik and Zharkyra, implemented as part of the Community investment program.


The aitys between Serikbol Panaberdiev and Mutigolla Gani received special support from the audience. They were one of the most experienced representatives of this ancient art of the Kazakh people. In addition, the people of Kulsary warmly supported each of Zhylyoi akyns. A special attention was given to Yernur Isakhaev, the son of the late Salauat Isakhaev, who brought up more than one generation of excellent aityskers and whose name will forever remain in people’s memory.

There were jokes about Koishygul Zhylkyshiyev, a poet, Honored Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan and director of Atyrau Oblast Branch of the Union of Writers of Kazakhstan. He introduced to the audience his successor, the famous poet of our oblast Shalkarbay Izbasarov.


“I would like to note that I am one of those who at one time grew up thanks to the aitys organized by Tengizchevroil. Taking part first in aitys at the regional level, I entered the republican level. And for this I am very grateful to the company and my teachers. Starting from this year, I was elected the head of the Union of aitys poets of Atyrau oblast branch. I hope that I can justify the trust of the people. The holding of aitys in Zhylyoi district is of particular importance for akyns, since this is the birthplace of one of the best poets, Salauat Isakhaev, whose memory we honor.”


According to the results of the competition, the winner was a native of Zhylyoi district, Galymbek Mustafa, the first place went to Serikbol Panaberdiev. The second place was shared between Yerbolat Izden and Zhanibek Sadyrov. The third place was awarded to Assel Tausenova, Yernur Issakhaev and Serik Koishygulov. All participants were given recognition letters and valuable prizes.