Tengizchevroil participated in Kazakhstan Energy Week – 2023

05 October 2023

The XV KAZENERGY Eurasian Forum / Kazakhstan Energy Week – 2023, the largest event in the energy and oil and gas sector, took place in Astana. The forum is designed to ensure an effective dialogue between participants of in the energy markets, review current trends as well as the directions of the development of the energy system. “The prospects and strategic initiatives put forward within the framework of the event creates favorable conditions for the dynamic and sustainable development of Kazakhstan’s oil and gas and energy industry,” note the organizers of the event.

RoK Minister of Energy Almasadam Satkaliyev welcomed the participants to the XV Eurasian KAZENERGY Forum and read out the address of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev: “The modern global energy sector is facing serious climatic and geopolitical challenges, as a result of which energy security, sustainable energy supply chains, including “green” technologies are of particular importance. Kazakhstan has established itself as a reliable supplier of energy resources to the world market, actively developing alternative export routes, transport and logistics infrastructure. The Fuel and Energy Complex is one of the main driving forces of incremental progress of our country. The industry attracts large-scale foreign investments and new technologies. At the same time, we pay close attention to a consistent diversification of the economy. Our objective is to create high-conversion clusters by implementing breakthrough projects, including oil and gas processing”.

Tengizchevroil (TCO) is a traditional general sponsor of this large event, which brings together over 2500 participants from over 300 oil and gas companies from more than 50 countries. The forum discussed key trends in the development of the industry in 2023, including energy infrastructure and “green” initiatives.

“Oil and gas are critical for meeting future energy demand. We recognize the importance and necessity of the energy transition both for Kazakhstan and for the world. TCO will play a role in this transition, and will continue to work with our partners, government, and peers to align on our path forward. It is an exciting but complex discussion, but we are looking forward to being part of this”, - noted Konilkosh Suyessinov, Deputy General Director, Tengizchevroil.

TCO presented its innovative approaches to digitalization of the energy industry, shared information about its approach to carbon management, as well its efforts to support women in the energy sector as part of the Women's Energy Forum, which was also held during the XV KAZENERGY Eurasian Forum.

One of TCO’s core values is to operate responsibly by protecting people and the environment. TCO believes that the transition to a lower carbon economy must be balanced with the socio-economic development of Kazakhstan and its energy security. TCO has consistently taken practical measures to reduce its environmental footprint through investing in environmental projects, implementing cutting-edge technologies and adopting the best practices to lead in sustainable operations. Since 2000, TCO has reduced its air emissions per metric ton of crude oil produced, by 75% – the lowest in the company’s history. Also, flaring volumes decreased by 57% versus 5 years ago. This was achieved while increasing crude oil production, contributing $184 billion in direct payments to Kazakhstan since 1993, as well as contributing to global energy security.

“TCO is committed to supporting this event of global significance and contributing to a more secure, sustainable energy future”, - highlighted Konilkosh Suyessinov.