15 projects were implemented by non-governmental organizations in Zhylyoi district

20 December 2023

Results of Tengizchevroil Community Investments Program (CIP) in Zhylyoi district were presented by non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to the Akimat, the community representatives and activists during the Town Hall meeting in Kulsary.

In 2023, the CIP budget increased to 2.5 million US dollars, and the number of projects increased accordingly - out of 21 projects, 15 were implemented for the benefit of Zhylyoi district residents.

“Today, non-governmental organizations will sum up the results of the work carried out over the year within the framework of the Community Investment Program in our region,” said Deputy Akim of the Zhylyoi District Gulnafis Aishuakova. – I especially want to note such projects as “Public Spaces”, “Zharkyra”, “Shektelme”, as well as the work carried out on development of STEAM education in the region by “Caravan of Knowledge” corporate foundation, contribution to the development of healthcare by Kazakhstan Association of Family Physicians and the work of “Biz de Adambyz” Foundation for rehabilitation and socialization of people with disabilities. All these projects contributed to the development of our region due to the TCO Community Investments Program”.

One of the achievements of this year was the growth of local NGOs - this year 3 Zhylyoi NGOs became CIP participants: PF “Talaptan”, PF “Zeyin-Atyrau” and PA of psychologists “Oi-sana”. The “Shektelme” project of the Zhanasha Public Fund for training of young people in modern online professions such as SMM specialist, web design, copywriting, mobilography, targeting was in the public eye. 161 people were trained, of whom 158 people were employed and are receiving orders to perform online work.

“Both the quality and quantity of NGOs are growing every year. If in the past TCO provided support to only 14 projects throughout the Atyrau Oblast, then this year 15 out of 21 social projects are being implemented only in Zhylyoi district. We are pleased to provide support to the region where our employees and their families live and work,” said Darmen Aronov, Tengizchevroil General Manager for Policy, Government and Public Affairs.

In 2023, TCO focused on Zhylyoi district, where Tengiz field is located, by implementing the new Zhylyoi District Development Program. One of its directions is the development of education, including STEAM (Science - science, Technology - technology, Engineering - engineering, Art - art, Math - mathematics). The CF “Caravan of knowledge” was involved to implement this pilot project. Their specialists were mostly concentrated on training of teachers. After all, in this way the project will have a long-term effect: teachers will transfer the acquired knowledge to a new generation of schoolchildren every year. The project has already shown impressive results: a fully equipped STEAM laboratory was opened, the Zhylyoi district team took part in the republican stage of the international First Global Challenge Olympiad, the STEAM Fair Zhylyoi was held for the first time in Kulsary, and many others. Representatives of the project also shared these achievements with the guests of the event.

Holding Town Hall meetings has become a unique TCO tradition. And since last year, the approach has changed: in addition to the fact that such meetings are now held in Kulsary, in Atyrau it has become a kind of festival for the population, where various master classes and exhibitions are held. The event will take place in the center of the oil region on December 22 at the N. Balgimbayev Communications Center.

It should be noted that in addition to the CIP, Tengizchevroil is also implementing the voluntary social and infrastructure program “Egilik”, within the framework of which this year the central regional hospital will be opened in Kulsary for 75 beds and the construction of a secondary school has begun in the Bereke micro district. In addition, thanks to the financial support of TCO, IVF procedure was become available for 25 married couples in Zhylyoi district this year. The company also does not forget about the older generation - 100 pensioners of the Oblast, including 50 Zhyloi district pensioners will take therapeutic courses at the Atyrau sanatorium.

As part of sponsorship support, 6 ambulances, 4 units of special vehicles, Invataxi and 10 wheelchairs for sports and dancing were purchased and donated for Zhylyoi district community, as well as stage costumes and musical equipment for the Ken Zhylyoi House of Culture. This is only a small share of the projects that are being implemented in Zhylyoi district, because the well-being of the region where company employees live and work is one of Tengizchevroil’ s main priorities.