The results of the Community Investment Program in Tengizchevroil

22 December 2023

An open final event was held in Atyrau, where the Partners of Tengizchevroil Community Investment Program (CIP), non-governmental organizations, spoke about the results of their work during 2023. It is worth noting that in 2023, the CIP budget was increased, which made it possible to implement 21 projects for a total amount of 2.5 million US dollars.

“This year Tengizchevroil celebrated its 30th anniversary, and many social projects were implemented. Undoubtedly, each of them contributes to the development of Atyrau Oblast. I would like to note that in the future we are ready to support the implementation of such social projects,” said Deputy Akim of Atyrau city Nurzhan Yermukhanov.

Within the Program, NGOs propose their projects on their own and TCO only gives financial support. This year, social projects covered such areas as healthcare, education, environmental protection, the formation and development of civil society and preservation of Kazakh culture and historic heritage. The Kazakhstan Association of Family Physicians (KAFP) continued its work to improve the qualifications of medical personnel. One of the remarks of this year was a trip to Taraz, Zhambyl Oblast for sharing experience.

This year, “Biz de Adambyz” Public Foundation implemented 2 projects, one of which proposed an innovative solution to the problems of accessibility of social facilities in the city. Volunteers and residents of the project compiled and launched an electronic map of the accessibility of social facilities for low-mobility groups of the population, which includes not only people with disabilities, but also elderly people, pregnant women and mothers with children under 7 years old. During the monitoring, violations in space planning for people with disabilities were also identified. Many entrepreneurs took into account the recommendations and made changes to the appearance of small and medium-sized businesses, which was undoubtedly noted as one of the positive results of the project.

In his welcoming speech, Tengizchevroil General Manager for Policy, Government and Public Affairs, Darmen Aronov, also noted the growth of local NGOs. “This year, 16 NGO partners are implementing 21 projects in Atyrau region and Zhylyoi district in particular. In addition, their projects have directly impacted 11,000 people this year! Credits go to our partners, and we are happy to share the results of their work. TCO, as a socially responsible company, will continue its effort in the social sphere,” he said.

The Community Investment Program was launched in 2010. During this period, 129 social projects were implemented. More information about each of the projects can be found by the link CIP TownHall (

However, in addition to CIP, TCO also implements other projects in the field of social investment. Thus, within the framework of the voluntary social and infrastructure program “Egilik”, in this year only an additional school building for 350 seats was opened in Tushchykudyk village of Issatay

district, and a school named after Magzhan Zhumabaev No. 1 was opened in Atyrau city. On the New Year eve, the grand opening of the central regional hospital with 75 beds was held in Kulsary.

In addition, as part of the sponsorship provided to Atyrau Oblast, including Kulsary city, TCO donated 3 taxis for people with disabilities, 6 ambulances to Zhylyoi district and 4 special vehicles for uninterrupted operation of housing and public utilities, as well as equipment for therapeutic exercise classes at the Center for Special social services No. 3 and the Nursing home. A technology room for visually impaired students of boarding school No. 3 were fully equipped and much more. In addition, the second year in a row, TCO funds the treatment of 100 pensioners in our Oblast at the Atyrau sanatorium.