Thirteen entrepreneurs received funding as part of Tengizchevroil’s (TCO) Zhylyoi Development Program

26 January 2024

The winners’ names of the first batch of the Tandau project, implemented by the Eurasia Foundation of Central Asia (EFCA) were announced in Kulsary city. This project, financed by TCO, was created to support the development of small and medium-sized businesses in Zhylyoi district within framework of the TCO’s Development Program in Zhylyoi district.

Gulnafis Aishuakova, Deputy Akim of Zhylyoi district noted the importance of such a project for the region. “The new year began with great news – thirteen entrepreneurs received grants for the implementation of their business projects. On behalf of the district administration, we express our gratitude to TCO for supporting small and medium-sized businesses. I hope that the project will last for more than one year and demonstrate outstanding results. And I would like to wish the winners best of luck in their endeavors and note that the future of the project will depend on their success”.

According to the results of the first group, thirteen residents of Kulsary received grants ranging from 2 million to 4.5 million tenge, to implement their business ideas. These include the opening of an enterology center, a flower shop, cleaning and dry-cleaning services, poultry breeding, production of national dairy products and other business areas.

One of the winners, Mafu Rzabayeva, received a loan of 2.5 million tenge for opening a laundry. This will allow her to provide jobs for the local residents.

“The Tandau project allowed me to learn more about marketing, finance and business management, as well as realize my dream of expanding my business. My goal is not just to expand the business, but above all to create new jobs, to support Kulsary residents, and women in need of comfortable work and pay. I would like to wish that there were as many such projects as possible in Zhylyoi district!”, — said Mafu Rzabayeva.

It should be noted that among the winners, six people received grants of up to 2.5 million tenge, and seven people received grants up to 4.5 million tenge. With these funds, entrepreneurs will be able to purchase the necessary equipment. This is one of the conditions of the project – the allocated funds should be spent only for the purchase of required equipment. Entrepreneurs are given 6 months to launch their businesses, after which they are required to begin a staged refund. In the future, the funds will be used to finance the next upcoming business ideas.

Since it’s launch last fall, the “Tandau” project has attracted attention of one hundred and eight participants, of whom thirty-five have successfully qualified for the semifinals. It should be noted that ten of the thirteen winners are women. Two more project phases will be implemented during the year. In general, it is planned to provide support to about thirty representatives of small and medium-sized businesses in Zhylyoi district per year. Recruitment for the second course of study has already begun and applications are accepted from representatives of Kulsary on “tandau_zhylyoi” social media page.