How artificial intelligence is used in Tengizchevroil

06 April 2024

Tengizchevroil LLP (TCO) continues to introduce new artificial intelligence tools that can effectively help address requests from company specialists. TCO experts spoke about this and how digitalization has become an important vector in the company’s development, during the 21st North Caspian Regional Exhibition “Atyrau Oil and Gas,” where the company is the main sponsor.

At TCO, the creation of a digital culture began with training of all personnel in the necessary computer skills and knowledge. Digital transformation, like any other initiative at TCO, is being developed with a constant focus on safe production, employee safety, process safety and environmental protection. TCO places the highest priority on initiatives and digital products that improve the safety of people and production.TCO pays special attention to the safety of its people and production process safety.

During the panel session, TCO Digital Champion Marat Kuatov told participants and guests of the exhibition that the implementation of AI is a powerful tool that can transform not only operational processes, but also the outlook for the future.

- The use of AI allows us to leverage production, improve safety, as well as predict and adapt to changes in the industry. The introduction of AI is not just a technological step, it is a strategic decision that helps companies remain competitive and sustainable from a long term perspective, says Marat Kuatov.

Until 2020, the company focused on development of Digital Foundations. The field, wells, oil gathering system, plants, export facilities were digitalized, and complex IT systems were introduced. The development of cloud systems and the creation of an extensive database and platform were ongoing. Even during the coronavirus pandemic, TCO actively used digital platforms to ensure the safety of employees and coordinate work.

In 2020, the company implemented production process management systems, smart transport safety technologies, and pilot programs for drones and augmented reality glasses at the Future Growth Project - Wellhead Pressure Management Project.

In 2023, a “Digital Twin of the KTL plant” program was successfully completed at the Tengiz field. The virtual plant twin allows TCO experts to create scenarios for various situations, as well as test and optimize processes. Process optimization with the help of a virtual twin allows you to use resources more efficiently and reduce waste and impacts on the environment. Thus, the implementation of the virtual twin was not just an isolated example, but a step into the future, where digital solutions become key to the efficiency and sustainability of the operations.

Digitalization has positively impacted water resource management at the Tengiz field. The successful implementation of the water meter reading system has significantly improved the efficiency of the water resources department of Tengiz Facilities Management. The system allows to remotely collect data from water meters, eliminating the need for manual readings and increasing operational safety.

One of the company’s innovations is the transition to an electronic work permit system (ePTW). It significantly reduced the amount of paperwork and allowed the company to focus directly on work and safety measures. For example, during 2023 turnaround at the 5th process Line of KTL, more than 33 thousand electronic work permits were issued that contributed to the safe and timely completion of the works. The ability to obtain electronic signatures on documents has speeded up processes that previously took a long time. This technological shift not only upgraded TCO’s operation, but also significantly increased its efficiency and responsiveness.

At Tengiz field, the processing of large data allows to identify patterns and optimize processes, as machine learning algorithms are used to predict and adapt to changes in the industry.

— The safety of our people and production safety are our top priorities at TCO. And we use artificial intelligence for this purpose. Thanks to AI, we are making our work environment safer and more efficient. And we have more than 20 such AIs,” Marat Kuatov emphasized.

Kuatov also said that TCO is currently developing new AI tools that can respond to engineers’ requests. For this purpose, a repository of more than 300 technical specification documents is used to effectively assist in addressing requests from the company’s specialists.