TCO volunteers had provided humanitarian aid for Zhylyoi district during the flood

30 April 2024

As soon as the first evacuated residents of Kulsary, most of whom were women, the elderly, and children, arrived at rotational accommodation camps located near Tengiz field at 2 a.m. on April 6, Tengizchevroil (TCO) employees immediately mobilized a group of volunteers and began collecting humanitarian aid. So, by 10 a.m. on April 6, both TCO employees and employees of its business partners learned that humanitarian aid was being collected at TCO Headquarters for residents of Zhylyoi district.

On the first day, the TCO workforce collected 2.5 tons of humanitarian aid for the flood victims.

- TCO’s main conference room has been greatly transformed, and our colleagues have been constantly bringing items that are needed: from hygiene products to toys. I liked that before purchasing, many people asked what was missing and bought exactly what people needed the most. The camp managers for the rotational villages at Tengiz conducted a survey among the residents about what kind of help was needed, consolidated lists and immediately notified us. Together with other volunteers, I helped with coordination of the process, sorting and packing. I wanted to support our citizens who are faced with such a difficult situation. While I was sorting things, especially those that were passed on for the youngest children, I managed to suppress the feeling of growing anxiety a little. For me, it was a kind of escape from anxious and sad thoughts. I am so grateful to our colleagues who responded and helped as much as they could, - says Aliya Akysh - TCO employee.

The families of TCO employees also joined the good relay. For example, TCO General Director Kevin Lyon’s spouse, Kimya Lyon, helped volunteers with delivery and sorting of things. Another resident of Dostyk village prepared sweets to please the children of Kulsary in Tengiz. Mr. Lyon’s wife said that in this situation, everyone should contribute to help.

- We help residents of Zhylyoi district who are in difficulty. Currently, TCO volunteers coordinate all assistance and demonstrate that they are with the residents. I am sure that Zhylyoi, will eventually recover and prosper. Let’s all help and strengthen our unity in this difficult time. Kulsary – be strong! – says Kimya Lyon, a volunteer of “Friends of Atyrau” community.

In four days, TCO and business partners’ employees collected more than 4.5 tons of humanitarian aid. The volunteers who received humanitarian aid were surprised by how generous the employees turned out to be: someone brought a whole package for mothers with many children with imported products, and someone - a package of hygiene supplies for the whole family.

- Certainly, we were all busy at work. But we worked with one hand and sorted humanitarian aid with the other. Because there was no time to wait. After all, residents who are in a difficult situation are waiting for us. I believe this is an inspiring example of how we can come together in difficult times and work together to quickly help those in need. Each of us became part of this act of kindness,” said TCO employee Bakytgul Kushekova.

A daily updated list of required goods was posted on the TCO’s internal website. Thus, every day TCO volunteers and contractor employees sent 20 boxes by plane to Tengiz. Later a place on the train was reserved for transporting the aid. The volunteers were happy about this, since more than 190 boxes with items and goods were sent by train to Kulsary and Tengiz. Employees even loaded boxes at 3 a.m. to catch the 6 a.m. train.

Thus, TCO and contractors’ employees demonstrated a true spirit of solidarity and determination. Because they are sure that sending humanitarian aid to residents is not only an act of kindness, but also a manifestation of responsibility towards those who are in trouble.

Meanwhile, an official representative of Tengizchevroil previously announced that the company would allocate 2 billion tenge to help residents of the flooded Kulsary. Together with contractor companies, TCO transported special equipment, food and fuel from Tengiz to Kulsary to assist in the construction of dams and pumping water. The company ensured that all TCO employees who needed to return home to support their families did so without significant harm to their well-being. Moreover, TCO together with its business partners were engaged in the construction of a dam near Atyrau city, along the Saryozek Channel (Chernaya Rechka), which, according to the Emergency Operations Center of the Atyrau Oblast Akimat, is one of the main measures to protect Atyrau from flooding. Currently, the bank protection work has been completed.